Today’s Comic
September 14th, 2018

Today’s Comic

Today’s ‘toon is dedicated to all of the followers of Dad’s Day Comics.
Thank you for your support the past nine years!

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Dad’s Day Comics first appeared on the internet on September 14th, 2009 with this cartoon…


Today marks the nine year anniversary of my little ‘webtoon’.

And with today’s ‘toon…number 1,765…to be exact…I bring it to a close.

From a child growing up in Iowa re-drawing the Sunday cartoons, doodling too much in class, drawing cartoons of my college roommates and years later reading a book about something called webcomics and deciding that was the platform for me to showcase my work…’Dad’s Day Comics’ was born!

They say…write & draw about what you know.

I was a ‘career’ Stay-At-Home-Dad…loved every minute of it…okay…EVERY is a bit much…MOST minutes and days of a being a SAHD.

As my kids got older and I had a little more free time, I was looking for ways to utilize my love of cartoons and my drawing abilities. While doing a internet search, I happened across the book, “How To Make Webcomics” by Brad Guigar, Dave Kellett, Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub. I ordered the book and quickly read it cover to cover.


Produce a webcomic about my experiences as a SAHD.

One thing I quickly realized…I had noooo idea how to construct a website!

Thankfully, I had a friend who did and I soon contacted him.

While he was busy building the site…I was trying to figure out how to write & draw a strip and get it loaded onto the site. That’s where the book was a HUGE help! I learned how to produce a strip and how to get it ready for the web by following the steps laid out in the book. Through lots of trial and error I learned how to use Photoshop. Suddenly, I knew I was capable of drawing a strip and get it cleaned up and ready to load!

There were some hiccups along the way but on September 14th, 2009, we went LIVE!

The first few years new cartoons appeared on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays…and in black & white.

Later, after I got used to producing the strip, I added Tuesdays & Thursdays to the lineup.

Finally, I changed from doing black & white cartoons to all color.

One thing was constant…I wrote and drew about my experiences…with a few twists (I’ve never had a talking dog, although, it would be pretty cool).

Observational humor.

As the years passed, our kids got older and I kept drawing!

Our youngest recently left for college.

Our nest is empty.

It’s time to put the pencil down and begin a new chapter in my life.


To my wife, Connie for her support & encouragement.

To my kids, David, Matthew & Allison for supplying me with endless material and the job of a lifetime!

To my web guru, Paul K., for without his skills you’d be looking at a blank page.

To my fellow webcomic cartoonists, for their support through “Likes & RT’s”.

And finally… to all of YOU for following & supporting Dad’s Day Comics for nine years!


A Day Of Remembrance



Happy Father’s Day!


Quick Change

The inspiration for today’s ‘toon: My deck on April 14th and one week later on the 21st. It’s been a wild spring in Minnesota!