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Dad’s Taxi

Well, my kids have been back in school for two weeks now and “Dad’s Taxi Service” is back in business!  My oldest drives, while helpful, brings it own set of issues, but that’s for another day.  My two other children ride the school bus and both leave and return home at different times.  It’s called a “staggered” start by our school district, I call it, cutting into my free time!  Some days it seems like the last kid is just leaving when another is coming home!  Also, trying to keep straight who comes home when can be a challenge!

But here’s the twist this week, riding the bus was out for my two youngest kids since one had cross-country after school and the other was working as a “crossing guard” at her school in the morning and afternoon.  My little crossing guard required a ride to school in the morning and a 3:00 pick-up in the afternoon.  My cross-country runner was done at 5:00 and also needed a ride home, which was fine, but, on Monday, my oldest son had to work (there goes the option of him helping out), it was “Curriculum Night” at the Middle School, which went from 6:30 until 8:00, my “runner” had a Boy Scout meeting at 7:00, and to top it off, my wife, due to an appointment, couldn’t help me out!  Needless to say, I was doing doing a little “running” of my own!

That was the inspiration for today’s strip.  As hard as you try to stay “on schedule”, some days, it’s next to impossible!  My daughter started dance on Tuesday, at “dinner time” and of course she needed a ride to and from! My middle child began Confirmation at our church on Wednesday night, which started about an hour after cross-country.  I picked him up from “cc” at 5:00 and after we got home he had time for a shower and a quick bite to eat.  My daughter sings in the Children’s Choir at our church, which usually starts at the same time as Confirmation, but she had to be there early for tryouts for a musical, which meant they needed separate rides!

Someone could have a good laugh if I had a GPS tracking device on my van!  Lots of zigging and zagging!

My daughter had dance yesterday too, but of course, at a different time than on Tuesday and my runner had his first meet and you guessed it, at the same time!  And to top it off, my wife left for a business trip yesterday morning!  Ahhh!!!

… someone please pass the Advil!

I’m thinking about having our van painted an obnoxious shade of yellow and maybe earning some extra cash doing some airport pick-ups during my “free time”,  I believe I have the necessary experience!  Look for “Dave” to have some similiar experiences in the coming editions of the strip!