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Well, the forecast was right!

We did indeed receive snow here on Monday. In fact, we received FOUR inches of the white stuff!

It was a pretty snowfall, it would have been perfect had it come in LATE November instead of MID October! Our grass is still green and we still have plenty of leaves on the trees for goodness sakes! We really haven’t had our normal fall colors yet and it looks like the early freeze and snow won’t be much help with that.

My daughter and her friend made a snowman in our front lawn on Monday and it was still there this morning!

My wife returns later today from her trip to Phoenix.

In a phone conversation yesterday she was rubbing in the fact that she had managed to miss our arctic blast! While the kids and I were scrounging around the house looking for winter coats, hats and gloves, she was walking around Tempe in shorts and flip-flops!

Ouch, that one hurt!

At least there might be a little “payback” after she lands!

She mentioned she had left her coat in her car at the airport. Might be a chilly walk from the terminal to the car!

It is suppose to warm up this weekend, with temps near 60 degrees, which is going to feel like 80 after the week we’ve had!

The kids have only a three day week at school and are off Thursday and Friday. Which is another reason I am grateful that my wife is coming home!

One night gone, piece of cake.

Two nights, a little tougher, but still pretty manageable.

Three nights gone, like her trip was this week and the degree of difficulty definitely increases!

Things went pretty well this week, but I probably lost some points with not being prepared with the winter gear. I’m hoping for a break from Mother Nature next week!

This will be the last blog update for the week, I am heading down to Des Moines to run it’s half marathon on Sunday. Check back on Monday to see how I did.

There WILL be a new ‘toon posted on Friday. Dave discovers Facebook-should be fun!

Have a great weekend!

Monday Morning Dad

Back from my extended weekend trip to Iowa.

I took my father for his angiogram on Friday morning. It showed he had 90% blockage on one artery and some more blockage, to a lesser degree, on the same artery. They put in four stents and in he spent Friday night in the hospital.

Thanks to the staff at the new Mercy-West Lakes Hospital in West Des Moines.

It opened about a month ago and is more like a five star hotel than a hospital. The service was great and the hospital itself was beautiful. Spacious rooms, flat-screen tv’s, internet service, in-room fridge and very quiet.

It was so nice I wouldn’t have minded spending the night in the next room!

Cough, cough!

All that aside, I was grateful my father received terrific care and didn’t require another bypass operation. He had quintuple bypass surgery 13 years ago and the recovery from that is much more difficult.

My father was a huge smoker when I was growing up.

He has had a couple of heart attacks and was very close to not making it when I was 12 years old. I had a couple of uncles, who weren’t so lucky.

I don’t smoke and because of my family history, I watch my diet and I exercise. As the doctor explained to me on Friday, it doesn’t eliminate the risk for me, but it certainly helps lower the chances that I’ll have a heart attack.

We got my father back home on Saturday and he was resting comfortably, so I decided I would go ahead and run the Des Moines Half Marathon on Sunday morning.

My parents live about 60 miles from Des Moines, so it was an early wake-up call for me Sunday morning. I made the drive to Des Moines and got there about an hour before the race. I hung out in a hotel, close to the start line, that had a lobby full of runners trying to keep warm before the race.

Did I forget to mention it was 32 degrees?

The race started at 8:00 and I finished in a time of 1 hour and 49 minutes.

It was actually a pretty nice day to run. It was sunny, cool temps and the wind for the half marathon wasn’t too bad.

It was close to 50 degrees by the time I finished.

There was a strange twist about the finish…

I later found out that the full marathon winner, who finished his “full” marathon about a half hour following my “half” marathon had a surprise waiting for him with about 400 meters left in his race.

He was leading by 10 seconds when he made the final turn to the finish.

Only one problem…

He had to cross a set of train tracks and at the moment he came through there was a large freight train using them!

It delayed him 40 seconds and the second & third place runners caught up!

Thankfully, for the leader, he was the best sprinter of the group and rightfully won the race!

In this morning’s news the freight line did take full responsibility for the “mistake” of the train coming through during the race.

My time of 1:49 in the half marathon was good for 530 place out of approximately 3,200 runners.

I also beat one freight train bound for Omaha, that’s a first for me!

A Little Pub

I soon realized when I launched this website back in September, publicity is a necessity and can be a good thing.

A website needs to attract an audience that hopefully will grow over time.

It can take time and having patience is key.

I have used Facebook, Twitter, SAHD message boards and word of mouth to help increase the number of “hits” to “Dad’s Day”.

But it is a slow process.

I think of myself as being fairly creative, so I sat down and thought…

What would be a cheap and easy way to draw attention to my website?

Instead of spending my time messing around with the above mentioned approaches, I came up with an idea…

I would go out and get a large, silver balloon, fill it with helium and let it go in my backyard!

On yeah, I would record it, since I would want to put it on “YouTube” and of course, sell it to the tabloids!

Still, there would need to be something more…

A hook…

I’ve got it! How ’bout if I pretend that one of my kids is in the balloon?

What is that line from the beer commercial?

Oh yeah…


I would have to make some phone calls…

The FAA, the press…

Oh yeah, almost forgot, 9-1-1!

Better not forget that one!

And to make sure I sound convincing, I’ll drop something heavy on my foot, so it sounds like I am in pain and crying when I make the call!

Can you imagine?

The cable news networks would love it!

BREAKING NEWS…”A scatterbrained stay-at-home dad/cartoonist has accidentally launched a balloon from his backyard with one of his kids inside!”

The balloon, of course would have “DAD’S DAY COMICS” written in big letters on the side of it!

Maybe that would be too much, maybe it might tip off the media to my little plan…

Nahhh…they’ll check the facts later, they would just go with it, it is “BREAKING NEWS” after all!

There would be nonstop coverage, “OJ” style!

They would bring on experts questioning the wisdom of leaving children in the care of a man!

“What was that mother thinking?”

“A man left alone, in charge of kids, c’mon, you’re asking for trouble!”

Another expert would talk about the rising popularity of “webcomics” and they would examine “Dad’s Day Comics” inch by inch.


They would track the “DAD’S DAY” balloon’s every move, or at least until it started leaking and coming down, which of course, if I built it, it would!

The coverage would continue…

It would not even matter if the anchor appears confused as to why it is a “good thing” that the balloon is heading to a state that doesn’t have MOUNTAINS, we’re talking big ratings here, so they would just keep going!

“Dad’s Day Comics” would be talked about in “The Situation Room” for pete’s sake!

And maybe, just maybe, I’d be on “Larry King Live”! would be getting thousands & thousands of hits!

But someone beat me to it!


Some, so-called, “science” guy, attempting to gain some fame and possibly a reality TV show, “hatched” this scheme before me!

If I had just been quicker, all that “publicity” would have been mine!

Would it have been worth it?

Of course not!

Giving up your values, making your family lie to authorities and the nation, all in the name of getting attention, sorry not for me!

Wasting “First Responders” time and possibly taking them away from a “real” emergency, just so some more people might look at my cartoons, no thanks!

Causing delays at a major airport and inconveniencing travelers, so I could be on the morning talk shows, I don’t think so!

Losing your self-respect and the respect of your family and friends…

Nothing is worth that!

And one more thing…

How ’bout the media “running” with a story before really knowing all the facts and covering it like it was the only “news” event taking place in the whole world?

Maybe if they would be less eager to show such a “stunt” in the name of ratings, then maybe there would be less people willing to do such a stupid thing in the first place!

And as was clearly demonstrated last week, with publicity…

Be careful what you wish for!

Destination: MSP?

Counting down the hours until my wife returns from yet another trip to sunny and warm Phoenix!

Her flight is scheduled to land early in the afternoon, she’s on Delta/Northwest.

I’m hoping that her pilots aren’t messing around with their laptops, sleeping or doing anything else that can distract them from landing at Minneapolis.

You probably heard the story…

Pilots for Northwest Flight 188 on a flight from San Diego to Minneapolis/ St. Paul last week missed the Twin Cities by just a tad!

Okay, it was 150 miles, but that’s not too far when you’re traveling really, really fast!

They were somewhere over Wisconsin when a flight attendant called the flight deck to see if they were going to be landing anytime soon. (Maybe he or she wasn’t convinced Sioux Falls, South Dakota had suddenly grown in population after the plane had flown over the lights of the Twin Cities!)


The pilots realized they had “slightly” overshot their distination and made a quick “u-turn” at 37,000 feet!

Not sooooo fast!

The White House Situation Room was monitoring the “situation”, hence the name of the room!

We had the Air National Guard on standby.

“Balloon Boy” was even notified!

Air traffic controllers from here to San Diego had been attempting to reach the crew for over an hour and they weren’t going to let Flight 188 just come back to the Minneapolis airport without first “proving” they were who they said they were!

It was possible terrorists had gained control of the plane.

Controllers made the flight crew perform a series of manuvers taken right out of the movie, “Top Gun” prior to giving clearance to land! It was like taking a driving exam at your local DMV!

Specifically, they had to recreate the scene where “Maverick” and “Goose” was chasing Flight Instructor, “Jester” through the mountains of Southern California while also naming the current U.S. President, last year’s Super Bowl winner, the roster of the New York Yankees and the name of the actor who played “Doogie Howser, MD”!

They passed the “test”!

Flight 188 was allowed to land at MSP and the pilots were “welcomed” to Minnesota by the airport police!

First thought was the flight crew was asleep since repeated attempts to reach them went unanswered. Later, it was reported, they were using their own personal “laptop” computers to analyze the new Delta work schedule and simply lost track of time and apparently everything else that goes into operating a commercial aircraft!

Let’s hope the passengers got an “extra” 300 frequent flyer miles for the extended flight to the cheese capital of the world!

It was rotten weather here last week, maybe the pilots were really just trying to avoid having to spend time in Minnesota!

This just in…

Sounds like that new Delta work schedule those guys were supposedly trying so hard to figure out will get a whole lot easier for them to understand.

Heard on last night’s news that the FAA has revoked their licenses and that Delta/Northwest will be firing them soon.

Here’s an idea…

They’ll have plenty of free time…

Maybe, they can audition to be the new “Mac” & “PC” characters for those Apple Computer commercials!