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‘Tis The Season

As we turned the calendar from November to December the weather took note and decided our warm, unseasonal ride needed to come to an end.

Our temps have steadily dropped this week and yesterday we received a “dusting” of the white stuff. But that’s okay, it’s what you expect when you live in Minnesota.

To paraphrase Sarah Palin, I can see the Arctic Circle from my house!

But on the positive side, with apologies to southerners, it does get you in the spirit for the holidays.

I finished putting up our outside decorations last weekend. We lit the lights and one blow-up Santa sleigh for the first time last Saturday night.

And of course, within minutes, blew an overloaded breaker! I felt very much like Clark Griswold in the “Christmas Vacation” movie. After some “rerouting” of the many electrical cords in my yard, I am happy to report the lights have been on every night since and no breakers have been blown! Oddly, the next door neighbor’s house has been dark all week, oh well!

I even managed to successfully synchronized three timers so the lights go on and off without any effort from me!

But the decorating isn’t over yet!

Tomorrow we’re going to get a “real” Christmas.

Much like the choice they give you at the grocery store, we’ve chosen to go the “plastic” route with our tree the past several years.

Pull the box out of the closet, assemble the sucker, throw a few strands of lights on it and within minutes you’ve got yourself a festive tree!

AND, I might add, there is no watering required!

I mean, with a real tree, by December 25th, in dry Minnesota, that tree is very much on “life support”! In year’s past, when we had a real tree, it seemed like I was watering the thing every hour in hopes that it wouldn’t turn into a seven foot pile of kindling!


The kids REALLY want a live tree this year and so sometime tomorrow we’ll head out to a tree lot, pick out one that hopefully looks as good when we get it in our living room as it does when we are hurrying to pick one because we’re freezing! We’ll then need to secure it to the top of our van and pray that it is still there when we get home!

Let’s hope the Boy Scout who helps us tie it to the roof of the van is “up” on his knot tying skills!

I’ll then struggle to get it inside our house, try to straighten it in the stand and finally we’ll decorate it!

Then we’ll finish with all the other decorations that go up inside our house this time of year.

Finally, some time to relax!

Except, we need to get a family photo taken for the Christmas card we’ll be sending out, write the accompanying letter, attend a few holiday parties, there’s shopping to be done for the family, teachers, family pets, the mailman, the paper carrier, etc, etc!

‘Tis the season!