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Monday Morning Dad

Recovering from a busy weekend of getting ready for the holidays.

My wife & I spent Saturday fighting the crowds at the local mall and stores. We accomplished a lot, but still have a fair amount left to do. She is off of work all of this week and we plan to “hit” it hard again this morning.

Our kids still have two days of school left this week (probably one of the few districts that do), so that will help us out a bit. Our kids aren’t too thrilled about it, but Mom & Dad aren’t complaining!

Started the process of wrapping gifts on Saturday. Trying to do some everyday, so I can get to bed early on Thursday night.

My wife & I also worked on our Christmas cards yesterday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! Thank goodness Costco is so fast with their card service. I took the picture Saturday afternoon, e-mailed it to our local Costco and picked up our cards Sunday morning. We spent Sunday night getting them ready. They’ll go in the mail later today and if you are expecting a card from us, with some luck, you might get it by Thursday!

On a related note…

I’m not looking forward to fighting the crowds at the Post Office this morning!

One final note…

While working on the cards, we watched the Vikings lose to the Carolina Panthers-Ahhh!