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A Very, Very, Very White Christmas

This just in…

We had a “White Christmas” in Minneapolis and by the looks of things we may very well have a “White Easter” and possibly a “White Memorial Day” too!

At last check, we’ve had about a foot of the very heavy white stuff in my backyard since this whole thing started on Wednesday night.

We’re used to it! We don’t call it a “nor-midwester”! We act like we’ve seen snow before and we just dig out and move on!

This time though, it fell on Christmas, which was bad news for people traveling but, for us, who wasn’t, we loved it!

Besides going to a Christmas Eve church service last night, we didn’t need to go anywhere. That makes it easier to enjoy the view of our snow covered trees in our backyard.


Trying to keep our driveway clean!

I got up early on Thursday and as soon as I went out for the paper I realized Mother Nature had left us a present in the form of six iches of snow!

It was that heavy, wet kind.

The kind that is great for making snowballs and snowmen, but the kind that stinks when you have to shovel it or try to use a snowblower on it.

The kind that reminds you of the muscles you haven’t used in awhile!

Here’s hoping Santa checked the forecast for Minnesota and thought of throwing “Bengay” in some stockings last night!

I had a couple cups of coffee, read the paper and thought about waiting until my oldest son got up to have him help, but I didn’t want to wait until noon! So I got out our snowblower and fired it up and it actually handled the stuff pretty well. I finished in about a half hour and headed inside to warm up.

The forecast had called for three days of snow.

Six inches the first night, six inches the second night and maybe another six on Christmas Day.

When we went to church on Christmas Eve it was snowing. I have to say, it was beautiful on the way there, big flakes were falling and we had “Silent Night” playing on the car stereo. It is a tradition in our family to have that song playing on the way to Christmas Eve service.

The service was beautiful as it always is on Christmas Eve. Our Pastor never disappoints on Christmas Eve with his message and last night was no exception. It is the one time of the hoilday season when everything is done and you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of Christmas. We always end the service with everyone holding a candle and singing “Silent Night”, which is something I look forward to every year.

As I sit in church, I can’t help but reflect upon the Christmas Eves I spent as a child at my grandparents house in Iowa. They are wonderful memories of what was always a special night for me growing up.

The service ended and as we left the church I could see our car was covered in snow and I jokingly requested “valet” service from a friend of mine who was ushering. Unfortunately, he didn’t think much of that idea and that duty fell upon me!

I got the car somewhat clean, blasted the defrost to “full” and we headed home. The nice thing about driving in the snow on Christmas Eve is there aren’t many cars on the road. We were home in about ten minutes and proceeded to get two out of three kids to bed.

My wife and I then got ready for Christmas morning and then went to bed ourselves.

Our alarm went off in the form of our daughter at what seemed like five minutes after I had fallen asleep.

Ahhh, the excitement of Christmas morning! I just wish it was as easy to get her up on a “school day”!

The kids were all excited and happy with their presents. My wife and I were happy that we had succeeded in making their Christmas a happy one.

After all of the gifts had been opened and following a wonderful brunch prepared by my son and wife, it was time to tackle the driveway, which was full of snow AGAIN!

And this time the city snowplow had come by and made the pile at the end of drive even bigger!

Hadn’t we done this before?

I wasn’t sure if it was “Christmas Day” or “Groundhog Day”!

Remember the movie, “Groundhog Day”, where Bill Murray’s character is stuck reliving the same day over and over again?

That’s how I felt until…

My son gave me the best Christmas present of the day!

He offered to do the drive by himself!

It took me all of about a second to take him up on his offer!

He cleaned the drive and helped some neighbors and I headed inside to help assemble things!

And just for the record…

Unlike Dave in today’s strip, I didn’t get any irons!

Tonight we are settling down with a nice prime rib dinner and afterwards playing a game of “Apples To Apples” with the whole family!

Merry Christmas!