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Monday Morning Dad

My wife left early this morning for the airport and a flight to San Diego. She is attending a business conference there and will be addressing the gathering. She’ll be gone for two nights and while we’re back here in Minnesota awaiting the arrival of our next cold front, she’ll get to enjoy some warm temps!

My daughter is off from school today…end of the second “trimester” and it’s a grading day for the teachers. My boys are in school today, much to their disappointment. As I have mentioned, our kids are on different academic calendars, which means I almost forgot she was off today!

Managed to get my long-run in on Saturday morning, although I needed to cut off a couple of miles from my planned 18. Due to my boys needing a little help getting things ready for their Boy Scout outing on Saturday, I got a later than I had planned. Normally that wouldn’t have been a problem, but I needed to be home before noon to get ready for my “simulated” golf outing with church friends.

Speaking of the golf…I learned you still hit bad shots in the simulated game, just like on a real course! Our team wound up four over par and in last place!

The boys had fun at their “Klondike Derby”. They had good weather and some fun competitions among the different Patrols. Sounds like all of the homemade sleds performed well!