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Monday Morning Dad

Today marks the 100th edition of “Dad’s Day”!

Man, how time flies when you are making fun of yourself!

Last month continued a trend of steady growth for the strip. Thanks again to all of you for your continued support and positive feedback. Also, thanks to my wife and kids for their constant supply of “inspiration”! By the looks of things there is no end in sight to that material!

This past weekend was a nice one for us. My wife and I enjoyed a dinner out with friends on Friday evening, while the kids managed to “survive” on the homefront with a supply of pizza and pop.

On Saturday, I completed my last “long run” before the Green Bay Marathon. It was a windy morning, but overall I was happy with my time and I am now counting down the days until the race. My wife worked several hours at “rummage sale” at our church. It is a fundraiser for the youth of our church and by all accounts, it was a huge success! The sale also gave us an opportunity to clean out some of our closets, as well as, get rid of some bikes that we no longer need.

On Sunday it was time to tackle a project that I had been putting off too long…cleaning the garage! There was a whole winter’s worth of dirt just waiting for me to sweep and “power wash”! I moved several items out of the garage, mower, snowblower, bikes, etc…then I swept up the dirt that had accumulated since last fall and finally, got the hose and power washer ready to do it’s job. Only one problem, the washer didn’t seem to want to do that job! I don’t quite understand how something (the power washer) can be working last fall, be put away properly (stored inside) and then not work this spring! Following several failed attempts to get the thing going, I relied on the old fashioned garden hose to do the job. The hose coupled with some scrubbing with a broom allowed me to finally hit “clean” after a couple of hours on the job! Chances are the garage will look good for a day!

My wife and I also spent part of Sunday looking into joining a “boat club” on nearby Lake Minnetonka. I have been the reluctant holdout on this “idea”, but I have to admit I was pretty excited to try this following a long conversation with the owner of the club. For a monthly fee, we will have access to a number of boats to use ten times throughout the summer. You make a reservation, they have the boat ready for you and off you go. There is no hassle of owning a boat and all of the expenses that go along with it. We have never owned a boat before and our kids are really excited about being out on the water (when in Rome), so we thought this would be a great way to start. I am sure it will also give me some additional material for future blog posts-so stayed tuned!