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Ready To Go!

I finished a marathon early this morning.

I officially crossed the “finish line” at 5:52 AM.

This “marathon” lasted 18 weeks and covered over 600 miles!

It was ran during bitter cold, icy conditions, snow, wind, rain and many beautiful days!

I’m speaking of the completion of my marathon training program for this weekend’s Green Bay Marathon.

Yes, this morning I ran the final three miles of my training for this Sunday’s race and I have to admit, it was kind of surreal. It felt that way due to the length of time it has taken to prepare and now the time has finally come to run. The race has always been “out there” and during this morning’s run the realization came that it is “here”!

This morning was also a time to reflect…

I recalled my first “long run” during an “unseasonably” warm January rain storm. Running with spikes on my shoes so as to attempt not to slip on the ice! Slipping on the ice and falling on my butt a couple of times. Running thru snow drifts and cold temps. And finally, running on some beautiful April mornings!

I stated several months ago my goal for this race is to run a Boston Marathon qualifying time.

Just in case you forgot, for me, that is 3 hours, 30 minutes and 59 seconds or less! That is 28 minutes faster than my personal best that I posted a year and a half ago.

So there is the challenge for me!

I am optimistic of my chances heading into Sunday for the following reasons…

I have trained hard for 18 weeks. I followed a tough schedule and I didn’t take days off from it.

I “lightened” my load. Over the course of training I have managed to drop 20 pounds and I’m hoping that will lead to a faster time.

I was able to stay on pace during my final long training runs and even felt strong at the end of those runs.

Unlike previous attempts, I don’t have any nagging injuries to be concerned about.

The weather forecast is ideal for Sunday. The temp at the start should be in the upper 40’s and it should be dry, with little wind.

The course is flat! (My favorite reason.)

The person I am traveling with to Green Bay tomorrow is fast and I am hoping some of it “rubs off” on me during our five hour car ride!

As a “last” resort, I applied to the government of Kenya to make me an “honorary” Kenyan on race day! (Hey, I’ll do anything for a little extra speed!)

So here we go!

My friend and I plan to leave tomorrow morning and be in Green Bay by mid-afternoon. After checking into our hotels, we’ll head to the race expo to pick-up our packets and enjoy a pasta dinner (carbo loading is the best part). Then we’ll head back to our hotels, hopefully get some sleep, although, it has always been a challenge for me the night before a race and I’ll have an early wake-up call on Sunday morning.

The race begins at 7:00 AM and hopefully ends for me around 10:30!

Check back on Monday to see how I did!

Important Things I Have Learned When Running Marathon!

*Remember to pack my shoes!

*Remember to apply “body glide” to prevent chafing. Take the time, you’ll be thankful you did later!

*Drink plenty of fluids the day before the race.

*Always have more than one goal for the race. Sometimes conditions will change and one goal may become unrealistic, always have a “Plan B or C” to keep your motivation strong!

*Thank the race volunteers every chance you get! They work hard to make sure the race experience is safe and enjoyable.

*Have fun! I can’t wait to run thru Lambeau Field heading to the finish line!

Happy Weekend!

P.S. There is no truth to the rumor that I am planning on wearing a Brett Favre Viking’s jersey on Sunday, even though it is tempting!