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A busy week for me is coming to a close and I am looking forward to the extra long weekend!

As usual, there were plenty of “kid” activities on my calendar this week…

My youngest son had several Boy Scout meetings this past week. On Monday, in addition to attending the regular Troop Meeting, he needed to arrive early for his “Personal Fitness” Merit Badge that he has been working on. Over a twelve week period, scouts are required to show improvement in exercise activities such as, the mile run, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and flexibility. Every two weeks they are “tested” to chart their progress. They also developed their own 12 week fitness plan to follow and they log their progress along the way. I am helping out with this badge and so I needed to arrive to our meeting an hour early too.

In preparation for a summer “high adventure” trip to the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, the scouts who are signed up for the trip began practice hikes on Tuesday evening. I joined the group for a four mile hike as I may wind up going on this trip too. About the halfway point of the hike, a thunder shower moved into the area, which helped us pick-up our pace on the return leg. My son also went on another practice hike last night, but I was busy being a “taxi” driver for my daughter and was unable to make it back in time for the hike.

My oldest son finished up his golf season with his high school team. It was the first year he has made team and I think it was wonderful experience for him. I know he plans to work hard this summer on his game with the hopes of making the team again next year!

He also received final approval for his Eagle Scout Project that will take place in a couple of weeks. Over the course of three days he will be the “project manager” of a landscaping project at local golf course that is part of our parks district. After months of planning and preparation, he is excited to finally get the project underway!

It was the final week for my daughter’s dance classes and the final preparation for her team’s recital next weekend. She has a logged a lot of practice hours this past year and she is looking forward to the recital next week. She won’t be taking too much time off since she will begin a summer dance class in a few weeks.

On Wednesday my wife and I attended the final choir concert for my youngest son. It was a show that included the seventh grade boys and girls choirs from his school. Due to the number of kids in the choir program at his school, there are actually two performances, with different choirs performing at each one. My son sang in the second concert and needed to arrive about an hour before the performance. The boys were required to wear white dress shirts and ties in order to receive full points for the class. They looked neat and sounded great!

As you may recall, our family has joined a boat club on nearby Lake Minnetonka. It will be our first time of having access to a boat over a summer. On Wednesday, my wife and I completed the club’s orientation course or as they like to call it, “Boating 101″! We met with one of the club’s employees and he basically spent the better part of two hours explaining how the club works and the procedures for reserving a boat and getting out onto the water.

Lake Minnetonka, where the club is located is a big lake and neither my wife or I have much experience boating on it. Therefore, the club employee took us out for a “cruise” around the lake in order to get us familiar with the areas of the lake, the “no wake” zones, channel markers and what the buoys on the lake mean. After some brief instruction on the controls of the boat, it was time for me to take over! I spent the better part of an hour at the “helm” as we cruised around the lake. Our instructor pointed out various points of interest along the way and of course some of the areas to avoid! When we bring a boat in after using it, they will perform a “prop” check to make sure yours truly didn’t decide to go flying through some rocks and damage the prop along the way! To hammer home the point, our instructor made sure we knew how much the repairs to a damaged prop would cost us to fix!

I am happy to report that both myself and my wife passed with flying colors and are ready to schedule a time to head out for real with the kids!

“Things I Learned This Week”…

*The heat was REALLY on!

With temps in the mid-90’s this week, the air conditioning on our van decided to go out! Following a day of driving around in a hot vehicle, I was able to get it in to recharge the coolant and provide some comfort! On the bright side…I dropped a couple of pounds, no doubt from driving around in sauna!

*The meanings of channel markers and different colored buoys!

Having grown up in Iowa, there wasn’t a lot of boating going on in the cornfields! I have some experience operating a boat, but this summer will be the first real extended use of a boat for me. I have to admit, at first I was feeling a little “Gilligan”, but soon became more comfortable and managed to get the boat back in one piece!

"Little Buddy!"

Happy Holiday Weekend!