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No More Decisions!

Since we have been planning our kitchen and main level renovation for several years, you would think when the time came for decisions to be made regarding what we wanted and the colors we wanted, we would be able to fire off the answers faster than the quickest draw in the old west!

Or maybe not!

As we are entering the second month of our little “makeover” project, progress has clearly been made and the light at the end of the tunnel is now appearing! Plus the milestone of what I hope is our final decision in this process was made this week with our choice of cabinet hardware for our new cabinets and island.

You may think you are ready until you are faced with a deadline of a making a decision on items such as cabinet style and color, countertop choice (granite for us), lighting, trim, paint, tile, etc…

So clearly, the years we spent “planning” didn’t include every little detail!

That became clear when we met with our designer, Ronda.

From the beginning she would show up at our house armed with samples of wood, cabinet doors, stain colors, granite and tile! And things she didn’t physically have, she would have pictures that she had pulled from the internet and catelogs! And if that didn’t satisfy us, she would be sure to send us an e-mail the next morning with even more options!

The process would go something like this…

Ronda would ask, “Do you want a kitchen faucet?”

“Yeah!” we would reply.

Then she would proceed to show us what seemed like every faucet ever produced and of course every finish they came in!

We could have the handle on the right or on the left. We could have a faucet with a magnet to hold the nozzle in place or not, but if we didn’t we would probably regret it later on.

“Do you want that faucet to run water into a sink?”

“I think so” I would answer.

So a stainless steel was added, but we needed to decide on the shape and size of each side of it.

Did we want the garbage disposal on the right or left side?

So we picked a faucet style and finish, along with a sink to go with it! (Garbage disposal on the right.)

I believed I could check that one off of my list UNTIL one last choice was needed to be made, did we want a soap dispenser?


I deferred to my wife on that one! And, yes, we will have one!

The decision process continued…

Granite “selection day” came on what was probably the coldest day of the year for us. My wife and I traveled about forty miles to the granite supplier, who just happened to have all of their slabs available for viewing in an “airy” outdoor warehouse!

Needless to say, I was ready to pick just about any stone they showed us!

I think I must have uttered the phrase, “I think that’ll look great, let’s go with that one” about a thousand times that bitterly cold afternoon!

“Just give me a countertop, I can’t feel my feet!”

Then came tile selection, which was a couple of weeks later and more importantly, indoors! The process went very smooth and I didn’t get frostbite along the way!

We were nearing the decision making end.

Or so I thought.

Paint colors and cabinet hardware needed to be picked.

How hard could those be?

Once again, our trusty designer, Ronda, showed up to help us decide on paint colors. This time she was armed with a color wheel the size of a car tire!

Thankfully, our desire to avoid anything to do with the colors, pink, red, purple, orange and blue, eliminated a good hunk of that wheel!

We settled on a nice earthtone color.

A couple shades darker were then picked for accent walls in our new dinning room and family room.

Finally, an even darker color was selected for the powder room.

Done, pass the masking tape!

Finally, the long awaited final decision of cabinet hardware came this week. With two colors of cabinets being installed, the selection of two different finishes of hardware was required. Of course, once a style was selected, we needed to decide on the type of finish and if it were available in said style!

What type of “pull” did we want?

There were knobs, which could be square, round or ovals.

A “modern” look or a more “traditional” look?

A “bronze rubbed” finish or “satin nickle” or both?

So after what seems like months of making decisions, we ordered our hardware yesterday.

I am thankful the process is coming to a conclusion and even more thankful the painters are here today and next week our cabinets get installed!

Gee, I hope we made a good choice!