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The Waiting Game



Much like an expectant father, I am waiting!

Am I waiting for the birth of another child?-No.

An oil change?- Nope.

A plane, train or taxi?- No, no, and no!

What on earth could have me giddy with anticipation this morning?

That would be the arrival of major appliances!

Yes, as we near the end of our remodeling project, my days of microwave cooking are thankfully coming to a close! And although, they won’t be actually hooked up until sometime next week, the mere thought of having a cooktop and oven in the house, although still in a box, has me happier than a kid on Christmas morning!

Of course, unlike Christmas morning, I’m still not EXACTLY sure what time the packages will arrive!

That’s right, I’ve been given a “window” as to when the big box truck will pull up in front of my house and unload the cargo that we have been patiently waiting for!

Last night the call came.

You know the call…

“Will someone be at home to meet our delivery personnel between the hours of sunrise and sunset?”

“Huh, could you please be just a bit more specific?”

“Sir, if you are going to take that attitude, I will have these items sent back to our regional warehouse in Fargo until arrangements can be made for another delivery attempt!”

“No, no, I’ve been cooking my dinners for the past month in under three minutes and I’m sick of it! I promise I’ll sit by my front door all day if I have to!”

Okay, MAYBE it wasn’t EXACTLY like that, but you get the idea!

The delivery people do have all of the power in this sitaution and it is up to the customer to make sure they are kept happy! Even if that means wasting time until the phone rings with a call from the driver who says he’s twenty minutes away and he just wants to make sure you’re home!

It’s his last chance to abort!

“Yes, I am home!”

So early next week our new cabinets get installed and the appliances will finally get hooked up.

Our kitchen will almost be ready to function again.

(I’ll wait to try the new microwave!)