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Black Monday

In case you didn’t notice, and hopefully you did, there wasn’t a new cartoon this past Monday.

Yes, it was first time I missed a deadline since “Dad’s Day” launched in September 2009.

I wasn’t being lazy, I had a ‘toon ready to go!


No, I was actually having “technical difficulties” with Comic Press.

What is Comic Press?

It is the program I use to prepare and load my cartoons onto the “Dad’s Day” website. Last Sunday, I was attempting to load Monday’s ‘toon , just like I have the previous two hundred plus times since I launched the website, when I realized there was some kind of bug that wasn’t allowing the ‘toon to be shown. I could upload it to the “admin” page of Comic Press, but when I clicked on “preview”, it would disappear.

So I tried to reload.

Same result.

Tried again.


Tried, tried, tried…

Nothing, nothing, nothing!

So early Monday morning I was seeking help from the “web cartoonist nation”.

That’s right, we have a nation!

Okay, a large group, but we aspire to one day be a “nation”!

I looked for help on forums on various webcomic community sights. I posted my problem and within an hour I had several replies with ideas on what the problem might be and what I should try.

Was the file formatted correctly?


Reload, no luck!

Did you try this?

Yes, no luck!

After several hours I was ready to try my old tried and true method of repair with stubborn appliances or electrical devices that be give me a headache.

A good, swift kick!

That’s right!

A kick right in the hard drive!

Well, at least that’s what I felt like doing!

The realization came to me on Monday that I wasn’t exactly “Geek Squad” material!

Oh, I can surf the internet.

Check e-mail.

Download pictures, heck, even post them on Facebook!

But fix a technical issue?

As Scooby-Do used to say, “Ruh Roh”!

No stylish pocket protector in my future!

So how did I finally get the problem solved?

Did I channel my inner Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg?


I simply took Monday’s ‘toon file and scheduled it for Wednesday!

And presto!

Monday’s cartoon appeared on Wednesday!

So I am hopeful, that it was just some random glitch (hope that isn’t too technical). But just in case, check Monday’s ‘toon carefully!

Happy Weekend!