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Muddy Good Time!

I ran the Living History Farms Race in Iowa a couple of weeks ago.

With seven miles of farmland and numerous water crossings the race certainly lived up to its billing as “extreme”!

The weather was perfect with dry skies and a temperature near 50 degrees at the start. One of the cool things about this race is the number of people who run in costumes. There were several “Santas”, one complete with eight reindeer, there were football players dressed in full uniforms, a man in “Wheaties” box and even a few that didn’t offer much warmth, if you know what I mean!

The best part of my one hour and fourteen minute run was making my way across the watering crossings and up the muddy slopes. Cold water up to my knees and trying to figure out the best way out of the creeks was a challenge, but doesn’t everyone love to play in the mud? Having water logged running shoes the remainder of the race was not a big deal, although I’m glad I dug out an old pair prior to the race.

Following the last water crossing, somewhere near mile 6, there was a very large hill. That’s when I started to feel the effects of the race and was happy it soon would end. After I reached the “summit”
of the hill I could see the finish and got an extra burst of energy or maybe I knew I was getting close to the fabulous beef stew that was waiting for me!

I can now check this off of my bucket list but I can’t wait to run it again!

Me (in black) in the ditch...looking for a way out! (Photo Courtesy: Des Moines Register)

Post race...a little wet & muddy! & socks!

Turkey Time

Unlike Dave in last week’s strip I was able to thaw the bird in time to cook it on Thursday, but it was close. I was in charge of purchasing “the bird” for our family feast and I wanted to make sure we had plenty…leftovers that is!

My purchase of a twenty one pound turkey virtually guaranteed we’d be thinking of creative ways to polish off the leftovers in the days after Thanksgiving. I didn’t resort to putting it in my kid’s cereal, but that was next on my list!

I also didn’t actually cook the bird, but I did lift it in and out of the oven!

Ready to carve!

Let There Be Light(s)

Thanks to some much needed help from my son who was home from college, I was able to get all of our outside lights and decorations up before the cold set in.

I had the usual mishaps along the way…

Wondering why lights that worked last year suddenly won’t light? And why does only half of the strand light?

Light strands that are a tangled mess.

Wondering where I put that box of green lights?

And of course, trying to get the lights on the trees without breaking any of my bones!

This always reminds me of one of my favorite scenes in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation when Clark (Chevy Chase) struggles with his lights!

Clark Griswold working on his lights!

Success! At least for Clark!