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Upon Further Review…

Super Thoughts

I realized this past Super Bowl Sunday that less is more when it comes to the pre-game shows. I tuned in about fifteen minutes before kickoff and found I was STILL able to understand what was happening during the game. I was also able to get some things done prior to the game, so the day wasn’t a total waste! Just don’t tell anyone at NBC or ESPN I said that!

Let me be the first to say I think Kelly Clarkson sang the national anthem beautifully!


It would be shame if Jim Cornelison does not get a chance to perform it at a future Super Bowl. In my opinion, no one does it better!

Watch this video and tell me you don’t get goose bumps!


Madonna… a good job of dancing, a great job of lip synching!

My message to MIA…right back at ‘ya!

I did think it was funny that the NFL tried to blame NBC for letting the picture air despite, a seven second delay . The halftime show was after all, an NFL production, not NBC’s!

Since, big name performers can’t seem to be trusted during a twelve minute performance, I say it’s time for a “Up With People” reunion at next year’s halftime!

A Message From Our Sponsors

Simply, the worst year for Super Bowl ads!

The best ones were leaked early on “YouTube”, which meant no super surprise during the game! Not to mention, many of them did not live up to Super Bowl standards. It did mean bathroom breaks were free of the feeling you were missing something!

Easy Does It

You read it here last week!

My prediction was the Giants would win an easy one!

Well, Mario Manningham sure made it look easy when he caught Eli manning’s pass late in the fourth quarter which led to the go ahead points for New York.

And it doesn’t get any easier than when the other team lets you score! I know, I know, New England wanted the ball back with some time left on the clock, but Ahmad Bradshaw made it look EASY!

All In The Family

In case any of the networks are looking for an analyst, might I suggest Gisele Bundchen.

She was spot on in her candid insight of New England’s and her husband’s performance on Sunday!

aka…Mrs. Tom Brady!

Party On

Note on future treatment for high ankle sprains to the Patriot’s trainer…

Administer large amounts of alcohol and send player to nearest dance floor for therapy.

Seemed to work for Rob Gronkowski!