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Pitching A Tent(s)!

As of tonight I will be back in camping mode.

I leave today for a quick, one night stay at Many Point Scout Camp, which is located in the northwestern part of Minnesota. It is a beautiful camp and I have many fond memories of the time I’ve spent there over the years with my boys. Not sure if this will be my last trip there or not. My oldest son has long since “aged out” of Boy Scouts and it won’t be too many more years before my other son does the same. He’ll be eligible to go for a couple of more years, but you never know if older scouts will want to go.

But I sure do enjoy going and fighting the horse flies and mosquitoes!

You can sign me up for a few more years!

One of the things I enjoy most, besides the ripe smell of sixty stinky scouts in one crowded campsite, is the closing night program. There will be a large campfire, skits and recognition of accomplishments. It an annual highlight of the scouting year for me!

Come Saturday morning we’ll pack up the smell and bring it home for mom or in some cases, dad (ahh hmmm) to deal with!

If all goes as planned, we should be back in the Twin Cities by 3:30, which is just in time to start packing for our next trip to Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming.

It is my second “high adventure” trip with the Troop this summer. The other was attending Sea Base in the Florida Keys.

This won’t be quite as easy as lounging on a boat for a week.

We leave a week from tomorrow and following a night of camping near Mount Rushmore, we’ll spend a week backpacking and camping in the mountains, as well as digging and using “catholes”!

Don’t know what a cathole is?

Google it!

This will be my second time going to Big Horns. My other trip was back in 2010.

One thing I am looking forward to most this time is that both of my sons are going!

But wait!

You’re probably wondering how my oldest gets to go since he has aged out of scouts?

He is going as a registered adult leader!

Like father, like son!

He is also the most experienced Big Horns person we have going on this little rodeo!

This will be his sixth time going. He has gone with our church (who does the same trip too) a few times and he went with the troop two times prior to this year.

In addition to the hiking and applying of “Ben Gay”, I plan to do a lot of fishing with my boys and whoever else in our crew that wants to.

Our trek plan doesn’t include a climb of Cloud Peak, but we will be camping above 10,000 feet for a couple of nights.

The scenery will be beautiful and I’ll be posting pictures from our trip upon my return.

Time to go dehydrate some more fruit!

Trek On!

Big Horns 2010