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Happy New Year!

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Duped Again!

As if it were “planned” to still the thunder (& to teach her a lesson for sitting on the story for three days) from Oprah’s big interview tonight with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, along comes the scandal involving Notre Dame star linebacker and Heisman Trophy runner-up Manti Te’o!

By now you’ve probably heard all of the details around this guy either being the runaway leader in this century’s “Mister Gullible” contest or that he should be considered a late nominee for this year’s Academy Awards!

So I’ll spare you the details.

But this isn’t the first time that we have been duped into believing a “supposed” romance!

And I might even go as far as to suggest that if one were inclined to create a fake boyfriend or girlfriend that the “playbook” as to how to go about it was already out there!

All one would have to do is look back to November 20, 1970 (funny that too was during football season).

Season #2 of the hit show, “The Brady Bunch”!

Episode number nine to be exact!

In that episode, the ever insecure Jan invents an imaginary boyfriend to help convince everyone that she was indeed popular and loved!

Of course her over confident and ego driven big sister, Marsha was at first skeptical, as was the rest of us, but thanks to a nearby water goblet, the quick thinking Jan soon had Marsha believing she was dating a boy by the name of George Glass!

Or as Jan put it…”George, George Glass!”

And after Marsha was convinced, the rest of the family bought it hook line and sinker!

But, much like Manti Te’o found out, the only thing harder than keeping a relationship going is keeping a fake up and running!

Jan had to go to elaborate lengths to make everyone believe she was in a heated and steamy romance!

At one point she even used a phone operator in her little scam!

Of course, as all things went on the Brady Bunch, you knew this relationship was doomed and wouldn’t last past the second commercial break!

The hoax began to unravel for Jan when the rest the family…

Alice (Don’t you just love how they treated their maid like a member of the family?)

And yes…even their dog…”Tiger”

By the way…whatever happened to Tiger?

Okay, back to the story…the family decided to invite “George Glass” to Jan’s birthday party!


But where was George??

The Brady clan scoured the schools, the neighborhood, the city & state, but soon found out…

There was NO GEORGE GLASS!!!

Jan had simply made the whole thing up, unless of course you saw one of the Brady movies, in which we found out that there really was a George Glass!

So let’s not be too hard on Te’o…we have been down this road before…and maybe, just maybe, one day we’ll find out that “Lennay Kekua” really does exist!

Oh, Jan!