February 23rd was the last day it snowed here in the Twin Cities.

I’m not talking “measurable” snow, I’m talking about not seeing anything that even resembled a snowflake falling from the sky!

Yup! We made it through our “snowiest” month of March without any and even made it through April, which often will delay our spring for a couple of days with an unappreciated coating of the white stuff!

It’s been an historic run but…

…it’s back!

That lousy “four letter word” is in our forecast!


Yes, believe it or not, it is forecasted to be cold enough here for us to wake-up tomorrow morning with a “coating” on the ground!

If the “accuracy” of past weather forecasts are any indication, I might want to consider “siphoning” the gasoline out of my lawn mower and putting it back into my snowblower today!

Just in case!

I should have known this was coming, I was at my son’s track meet on Wednesday and it was terribly windy and cold! It was so windy that I believe some of the runners started their race in Minnesota and wound up finishing in neighboring Wisconsin! There weren’t many athletes or spectators left by the time the final two events were run. It should be noted, my son was running in the next to last event, so I had the privilege of staying to the bitter end!

Here’s hoping for a “warm front” to come our way before next week’s meet!

Having the weather turn colder has made me dig back into my collection of winter running gear. Tomorrow morning I’ll be logging my final “long run” in preparation for next week’s Green Bay Marathon and with the cold forecast I’ll probably be wearing a stocking hat and gloves, as well as, a couple of layers on top! I don’t mind the cool temps, just as long as it doesn’t turn 80 degrees next weekend!


Spring in Minnesota!

Things I Learned This Week…

1. Thanks to 17 year old, Steve Consalvi, the new “7th Inning Stretch” song at Citizen’s Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia is now…”Taser Me Out At The Ballgame”!

2. My wife’s first concert she attended was “Sony & Cher” at the 1971 Minnesota State Fair. Tonight, my daughter will be attending her first concert, accompanied by my wife. They are seeing Taylor Swift at the Xcel Center in St. Paul. By the way, my first concert was “Styx” in Des Moines during their “Grand Illusion” tour.


Happy Mother’s Day to my mother and to all Moms everywhere! Hope you have a great day!

Happy Weekend!