Monday Morning Dad

Yesterday, Dallas Braden of the Oakland A’s became the 19th pitcher in Major League Baseball history to pitch a perfect game. He allowed no runs, no hits, no walks and no errors against the Tampa Bay Rays. Every big league pitcher strives for such a game each time they take the mound, but as you can see, only a handful have achieved such “perfection”.

As a “stay-at-home” dad I too strive for the elusive “perfect” game each week. Make sure the kids are up on time and fed before they head out the door. Double check to see if any homework was forgotten on the kitchen table. Make sure the daily schedule of activities is looked at…oops!

Yep, my quest for “perfection” for this week officially ended this morning at 8:10 CDT!

While walking my daughter to the bus stop, I casually mentioned to her that she was going to participate in a “bus evacuation” drill when she got to school and that’s when she reminded me…

She had crossing guard duty this week and she was late for it!

For one week each month during the school year she works as a crossing guard at her school. Arrive a little early in the morning and stay a little after school to “man” a post and help with kids crossing the streets. This is her final week of “duty” and I had forgotten about it!

I knew she had it too, as it was clearly written on our family calendar.

There was one problem… said calendar was not in it’s usual spot and I FORGOT to check it this morning! (It should be noted that I normally check the calendar following my third cup of coffee each morning!)

The calendar was left in my basement office last night after using it to check our upcoming summer schedule of activities. I also forgot my “safety net” for crossing guard week of hanging her bright orange vest on the door the night before.

So once we realized our mistake, we quickly made it back to our house, got her vest, hopped into the van and headed to school.

It looked like the guards that were headed out to their posts had the situation under control and it didn’t appear that my “mistake” had put any child into “harm’s way”, even though at first I was concerned since there were “extra” teachers and staff with orange vests and walkie talkies everywhere!

Did my little blunder cause a “code red” at our local elementary school?

Were school staff “scrambled” due to a missing crossing guard and her flag?

Was I destined to be personally torn apart in CNN’s Situation Room?

Thankfully, no!

No cause for alarm!

The extra staff were simply in place for the scheduled bus evacuation drill.

I was able to relax!

As for the calendar, it was put back into place when I returned home, with a big note to pick-up my daughter this afternoon following the PM shift of guard duty.

And as for my quest for “perfection”…

I’ll try to do better tomorrow!