Old Man Winter

In late July and early August, we call them, the “dog days” of summer.

Those are the days that are usually very hot and very dry. High temperatures reach into the nineties and beyond for what seems like days on end.

The sun beats down.

Air conditioners are maxed out.

Lawns dry up despite the gallant efforts of our sprinklers!

People say, “Man, it is waaaay too hot, I can’t wait for it to cool off!”

Those are the days people love to complain about while enduring, but long for now.

Yep, mid-January to early February or as I like to call them, the “sled dog days” of winter!

The days that are usually very, very cold and snowy. High temperatures of single digits or below for what seems like days on end!

The sun barely reaches above the horizon.

Furnaces are maxed out.

Lawns are frozen solid under feet of snow!

People say, “Man it is waaaay too cold, I can’t wait for it to warm up!”

Funny, what a difference a few months can make!

It has been an “old fashioned” winter and not just for us living where we expect it and love to boast that we know how to handle it!

No, this winter has been different.

Yeah, New York and Philadelphia has gotten burried a couple of times.

So has Boston and the entire New England region.

But this year, winter’s wallop has also been felt in places that aren’t used to shoveling one’s burried car out of a snowbank or even own a shovel for that matter!

This winter, Jacksonville, Florida has seen the white stuff, so has Las Vegas and of course, Atlanta, which has recently been paralyzed by snow and ice. Of course, in Atlanta’s case, it might help if they had more than six snowplows in the metropolitan area, they do get some snow every year! It was somewhat comical to watch Atlanta police attempt to break up ice on city streets by using sledge hammers. I even saw a video of a man using his golf club to try and bust up the ice surrounding his vehicle! (Remember to keep your left arm straight, head down and follow through when using your driver to clear ice!)

Just a hunch, but I’ll bet someone, somewhere in the Atlanta area thought kitchen salt would help the situation too!


All us Minnesotans can say is, “Welcome to our world!”

A world where it is so cold, the snow makes a “crunching” sound when you walk on it.

A world where it is so cold, you can take a boiling cup of water outside, toss it in the air and have it instantly turn to vapor!

A world where you can freeze a banana on your deck in mere minutes! (Okay, I don’t know why you would want to do that one, but just know if you plan on visiting Minnesota anytime soon, you can!)

A world where you spend more time with your snowblower than your significant other!

But it is also a world where we embrace winter and make the best of it.

Many, even enjoy it.

There’s skiing.

Snowmobile riding.

And of course, ice fishing!

Ahh, ice fishing!

My oldest son, who you might recall, constructed an ice house this year. He assembled it on a nearby lake and has been enjoying many hours of ice fishing. (Feel free to add that one to your “busket list.)

There’s also camping.


You betcha!

My wife and daughter are heading off this weekend to a Girl Scout camp. (Although, they are staying in cabins-the wimps!)

Next weekend, my other son heads off for a Boy Scout campout where the boys will construct “snow huts” and actually sleep in them! ( If it’s cold enough, they’ll earn an award called, “Zero Hero”!)

Now that’s what I call embracing winter!

And what about me?

Well, after hearing our forecast, it looks like I have another date with my snowblower!

I can’t wait for it to warm up!

Happy Frozen Weekend!