To Do List

Spring in this “neck of the woods” means a person has a long list of projects to complete once the weather allows. This includes tending to yard work, which means raking, fertilizing, pruning trees and trimming shrubs. It also includes planting flowers, although this year Mother Nature said, “not so fast!”

For some reason my “to do” list is a little larger this year along with an urgency attached to it.


Because my oldest son is in the Class of 2011!

Yep, it is time to get ready for a grad party!

One week from tomorrow friends and relatives will gather at our house to congratulate my son and wish him well as he prepares to enter a new chapter of his life.

Sounds pretty simple.

I wish!

Of course there is the above mentioned yard work to complete. Want to have that grass freshly cut and looking as green as possible. (I’ll have a can of green spray paint handy just in case.)

There is general cleaning to done.

There is a tent to be reserved. Which I did do several months ago but, decided to have installed, rather than just delivered, kind of at the last minute. (Flashbacks of having to assemble toys on past Christmas mornings probably made me think twice about errecting my first circus tent on party day!) So thanks to an understanding rental company, that is no longer a concern.

Tables and chairs. Done, thanks to the same rental place. Tablecloths? Yep, throw them on the truck!

Food and beverage.

After much research that decision was reached and an order placed last week. A local sandwich shop will supply various platters that I hope we have ordered in sufficient quantities! Again, potential problem solved since said shop delivers and will be on call that day to whip up a last minute order and deliver it just in time!

I found out when I placed the order that we won’t be the only ones in our town serving that food on that day!

Hope they make enough bread!

As for the drinks, my garage is beginning to look like a distribution center for Coke and Pepsi products!

Got cake?

Yes, thanks to Costco! Of course with that establishment the cake will probably big large enough to require a flatbed truck to deliver it! Nothing beats buying in bulk!

That brings us to decorations.

Pictures of my son growing up have been gathered.

Senior picture framed.

School flag of my son’s college choice has arrived.

Lifesized cutout of my son needs to be finished.

Lifesize what?

Yes, about a month and a half ago I picked a six foot tall cardboard cutout of a “boy” that needs to have a picture of my son’s face glued to it AND decorated from head to toe!

It’s a senior tradition at my son’s school. Said cutout and about 800 others will line the halls of the school after the grads return for an all night party following their commencement ceremony.

Sounds simply yet, somehow time consuming!

I have found out that the trick is getting the color photocopy of your child’s head the correct size so it doesn’t look too big or too small. I am on copy number four, but I’m pretty sure I’m getting close to the right size! Wouldn’t want my boy to get a “big head”!

I’ll throw on a college sweatshirt and some pants and call it done!

So with the long holiday weekend you would think I would have plenty of time to complete every item that remains on list.

Not so.

In less than three weeks I head off to New Mexico for a 13 day backpacking trip with my other son and his Boy Scout Troop.

It’s three weeks away but there are training hikes to complete.

We have a ten mile hike on Sunday afternoon and a twenty mile hike on Monday!

FYI…it takes about four hours to hike ten miles and you can do the math on the twenty!

The list never ends!