Half Time!

I’m packing my running shoes and heading for Iowa this weekend to run in the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon.

This will be my third time running the streets of Iowa’s capital city.

It is a fun race and well organized.

Currently, there are approximately 4,100 signed up to run the half marathon and another 1,600 and change ready to tackle the full marathon.

Both races begin at the same time and the split occurs around mile 3.

I think it is always a mental challenge for the average marathon runner to begin with a large group that decreases dramatically in size at some point. One minute, you’re running with a lot of people and then suddenly, they’re heading for the finish line and you still have a very long way to go!

I guess Des Moines, having it’s split early is better than say, Green Bay, where it happens at mile 11.

The weather forecast looks to be perfect with a “start time” temp around fifty degrees.

Here’s hoping there’s not another passing freight train near the finish line like two years ago!

Speaking of running…

My high school freshman son is on his school’s cross country team and Wednesday I got the opportunity to help cook and serve about 160 kids from the girls & boys teams at their pasta dinner.

The dinner is organized by parent volunteers and takes place following practice the day before a meet.

My job was to cook the pasta, which amounted to twenty boxes, in a BIG pot of boiling water in the school’s kitchen.

I knew I was in for a “workout” when I was handed a metal paddle that looked liked it belonged more on a row boat than in a kitchen!

At last word, there have been no reports of sickness on the team due to what they may have eaten!

I also got to help serve the ice cream, which of course, was a big hit!

Yesterday on race day…

My son, who was running the JV race, ran his 5K in a time of 20:23, which is a PR for him!

Before I head to Iowa tomorrow, I am going to attend a lecture tonight at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Syndicated cartoonist, Stephan Pastis will be talking about his strip, “Pearls Before Swine”.

Pastis is a former insurance lawyer who credits “Peanuts” creator, Charles Schulz with helping launch his career.

Pastis had an encounter with Schulz in a diner and a gracious Schulz looked at his work and offered what had to be some of the best advice an aspiring cartoonist could ever receive!

It should be a fun and interesting evening.

I’ll let you know what I learn!

In case you want to check out his work, follow this link…www.pearlswine.livejournal.com