Paper Or Plastic?

Oh Christmas Tree(s)

It was decision time in our household last weekend.

It was a decision that we make annually this time of year.

That decision being would we have a real or an artificial Christmas tree this year?

With one absentee vote from North Dakota and two local ones, the kids voted real!

Mom and Dad…let’s think it through a little!

We’ve had the real kind in our family room the past three years. We own two of the fake variety. Well, actually one and a half since one bears a strong resemblance to the one Dave tried to convince his wife was alright in Wednesday’s ‘toon! In fact, if the thing wasn’t green, someone might be tempted to use it to clean a toilet! But hey, a few extra decorations and you can have yourself a pretty good looking fake tree!

We’ve always used the nice looking fake one in our living room, which following our remodeling project this past year, is now our dinning room. No room to put it in the front window this year!

The oversized toilet bowl cleaner is of those “pre lit” trees that a few years ago sounded like such a great idea! Not so much now that a quarter of the lights are burned out! And if you think I’m going to search for the burned out bulb, think again! We’ve flirted with the decency laws in our community in past years and put the thing up in our basement!

But what to do this year?

But a decision needed to be made!

A few perks of going with a fake tree…

It’s paid for.

It doesn’t scratch your vehicle if you’re lucky enough to have it stay tied to the top as you drive home with the heater on full blast attempting to warm up after scouring a frozen tree lot for an hour in search of just the right tree!

It doesn’t consume water like it’s been on an extended trip in the Sahara desert!

Oh yeah, half of it doesn’t wind up on your floor when being removed from your house!

But on the other hand, the above mentioned “perks” really don’t outweigh having a real live tree sitting in your house and seeing the smile on your daughter’s face when you find the “right one” at the tree lot!

So what was our decision?

All of the above!

Yes, there is currently a real one in our family room, drying out nicely.

There was room in the corner of our dinning room for the nice looking artificial one.

And I even dug out the “Charlie Brown” of fake trees and put it up in our basement!

The real one in our family room.

Artificial #1 in our dinning room.

The "inspiration" for Wednesday's 'toon!

No Fly Zone

I think the real winners from the Alec Baldwin, “No I Will Not Turn Off My ipad” flight are…

Anyone who has ever flown and followed the rules.

The flight attendant from American Airlines who didn’t cave into his celebrity.

The remainder of the passengers in First Class, who no doubt enjoyed free cocktails while waiting out the 45 minute delay caused by Baldwin.

Apple’s “ipad” that has gotten mentioned on every newscast in the country.

“Words With Friends”…see above.

Want proof?

I never heard of it before and yes, I just downloaded it!