Back To “Full Strength”

Since Minnesota is referred to as, “The State of Hockey” and a term from that sport is “power play”, I feel that is an appropriate way to discribe this past week. A “power play” is when one team has a “man” advantage over the other for a certain amount of time. With my wife out of town on business most of the week, my side of the family was down a person and it sure felt at like my kids were on a “power play”!

I had requests coming at me one after the other and from all angles! “Dad, can you help me with this?” or “Dad, I need a ride and I can’t be late!” or the classic, “I need help with my homework!”. It wasn’t just requests from the kids either, we had places to be and at times, it almost seemed simultaneously! Cross-country, dance class, Confirmation, musical rehearsal, Parent Information Night at my daughter’s school, more dance, more cross-country, and of course, more help with homework!

I felt like a goalie in a game seven of the Stanley Cup!

Nothing was getting by me! I was reacting to everything and handling the pressure like an MVP! I was going for the shut out, the perfect week, no mistakes by good ‘ol Dad!

I am happy to report, we made it to all of our activities, everyone was dropped off and picked up on time, everyone was fed (although, not at the same time) and all homework was completed!

The only thing left was to give my wife a big hug & kiss when she got home late Wednesday night.


There went my shut out!

I fell asleep while waiting for her! The goalie was just too tired to hold out any longer! The “welcome home” hug & kiss had to wait until morning, but, borrowing one more hockey term, at least our team is now back to “full strength”!


  1. Jim Thomsen says:

    Hi, Mike. This is sooooo cool!

    I love the strip, love the blog, love the whole deal. Congratulations. Keep at it… you will develop a strong following among SAHDs, SAHMs, even a few of us WOOTHSs (work outside the home stiffs).