Next week I am meeting with a group of Cub Scouts who are working on the Artist Activity Pin.

One of the requirements is to meet with a local artist to discuss art and jobs in the field.

Having met with students before, I am quite certain the subject of “inspiration” will come up.


I’ll probably explain how my job as a “stay-at-home” parent led to the inspiration for “Dad’s Day”. I will also explain how simple little everyday things, such as seeing a hand potato masher in a drawer can be inspiration for a cartoon. For the record, unlike Dave in today’s strip, I knew the instant I saw it that it was for the spuds and not to scratch my back!

The dictionary defines inspiration as, “any stimulus to creative thought or action”; “an inspired idea or action” or “being inspired mentally or emotionally”.

I guess my back scratcher, I mean potato masher falls into the creative thought category.

Artists can be inspired from just about anything.

A beautiful sunset.

A rainy day.

A song.

A relationship.

Even a kitchen utensil.

It can come from some pretty unlikely sources, but it can also be something that is felt deep down inside!

Because everyone, not just artists, gets inspired!

A runner is inspired to finish a race.

A worker is inspired to receive a promotion.

A student, good grades.

An athlete, to make a sports team.

A scout to make the rank of Eagle.

A mom or a dad, to be a good parent.

The list goes on and on!

The Cub Scout Motto is “Do Your Best”.

My message to the scouts next week will be to find out what inspires them and then do their best to reach their goals!

My question to you is…

What inspires you?

An unlikely source of inspiration!