You Betcha!

Friday night our kids were all out of the house. It was Homecoming here in town so our kids were busy with the game, dances and sleepovers. My wife and I decided we would take advantage of the quiet and watch the movie, “New In Town”, starring Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr., which is set in New Ulm, Minnesota. Zellweger’s character relocates to frozen Minnesota from sunny Miami. The movie was so-so, very predictable and one that you were glad you rented instead of paying to see in the theater.

The one funny part of the movie was how they poke fun of life here in Minnesota. As it seems with every movie set in this state, it is always the “dead of winter”, about fifty degrees below zero and people end every sentence with “you betcha”! The movies, “Fargo”, “Grumpy Old Men”, “Grumpier Old Men” and “The Mighty Ducks” come to mind. Of course with the latter, a movie about hockey, set in the summer probably wouldn’t be too smart!

Ahh, stereotypes!

I think, Hollywood would like you to believe we watch our “Fourth of July” fireworks shot off over frozen lakes! In “New In Town”, Zellweger’s character arrives in the “Gopher State” before Thanksgiving, but it looked like it was the middle of January! There was the predictable scene where she arrives at the Minneapolis airport in high heels, lacking a winter coat and is suddenly hit smack in the face with our free air-conditioning and plenty of snow! In the movie, townspeople were celebrating the first day of ice fishing, even before enjoying their turkey dinner!

Okay, a state has ONE Halloween snowstorm and receives THIRTY inches of snow and it’s labeled for life, come on!

In “New In Town”, the winter was predictably harsh, but it was also NEVERENDING!

Now, being a native Iowan, or as Minnesotans like to call us, “Iowawegians”, I do get a laugh out of Hollywood’s portrayal of life here, I mean, Minnesotans do dish out their share of Iowa and Wisconsin jokes! Some people here believe there is this dramatic transformation when you cross the border from a neighboring state. There may be 10,000 plus lakes here, but there is also no sign that says, “Welcome To Minnesota, A Carbon Copy Of Hawaii” either! So it is hard not to laugh when Hollywood makes fun of our perceived year-round winter and temps well below freezing and of course, the accent!

But, to be fair to the good people of the Northland, it would be nice to see to a movie set here, just once when the ice is off the lakes and the term, “wind chill” isn’t the punchline of a joke! Minnesota is a beautiful state, with a wonderful change of seasons, which it’s citizens choose to embrace. Too bad it doesn’t work in movies!

I suppose if they did have a movie set during the summer in Minnesota, it would probably have mosquitoes the size of bats and we wouldn’t be able to go outside! Could Hollywood could make it work?

You betcha!

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  1. Sister Lisa says:

    Yes, Minnesota does get portrayed as the “snowy all the time” state. I was watching a rerun of my guilty pleasure Beverly Hills 90210. It was August and Brenda was just off to college at some fake university in Minnesota. Her new roommate announced that there was going to be a snowstorm that week. When was your last August snow???? :)

  2. admin says:

    Funny, it turned really cold & windy here on Sunday and it sure felt like it could snow!