Just a few quick thoughts as I rush to get today’s comic loaded and also be on time for my son’s cross-country meet…

Fall has definitely arrived in Minnesota in a big way! We were enjoying a beautiful weekend when someone threw a switch and suddenly the temps dropped and the wind was howling! We were scrambling to find long pants and jackets for school on Monday. The winds have died down, but, the temps are still cool. Now, we’re just waiting for the fall colors to arrive!

I am running a ten mile race on Sunday so I’m hoping the cool temps stick around for that. No wind or rain are on my “wish list” too!

I do most of the grocery shopping for our family and I guess I must frequent a certain store a little too much. Not to mention any names, but it’s the one with the red “bullseye” for a logo! Anyway, I’m in there A LOT and I’m starting to feel a little like the character, “Norm” from “Cheers”. Remember when he used to walk into the bar and everyone yelled, “Norm!”? I am kind of half expecting everyone to yell, “Mike!” the next time I walk into the bullseye! I think I know the cashiers and the people who work the Starbucks there on a first name basis. I am also reminded of how often I shop there everytime I open our credit card bill from that place!

Remember our car that got damaged a little over a week ago when I hit a pick-up truck liner that came into my lane?

$1,200 and three days to repair it! It went in the shop on Monday.

Gotta get to the CC meet!