Another busy week in our household is mercifully coming to an end!

My wife returned at midnight on Wednesday from a business trip to Orlando. The funny part was I thought she had gone to Phoenix! She has been traveling more lately and I had gotten itineraries for this week’s trip mixed up with next week’s trip.

It was a funny phone conservation when she called from “Downtown Disney” in Orlando and I thought she had gone to Phoenix!

When had Disney expanded into the “Valley of the Sun”, I wondered?

Sorry, Mickey, it was me that screwed up!

In fairness, she did leave REALLY, REALLY early Monday morning and as I recall, I hadn’t had any coffee yet!

I am quite sure she leaves for Phoenix this Sunday morning, just don’t ask me what airline or flight number!

If her travel schedule wasn’t confussing enough, two of our three kids had school conferences this week. Not a big deal, but…our two boys were off from school on Thursday & Friday, but our daughter was only off on Friday!

Okay, who has to get up and who gets to sleep in?

One of my pet peeves about our school district is the elementary schools follows one academic calendar, while the middle school and high school follow another. It simply means they’ll have different days off from time to time throughout the school year. It sure would make things simpler if they were all on the same page!

But at least I got the right one on the school bus Thursday morning and I didn’t receive a call later wondering why our fourth grader was at the high school!

So I am looking forward to this weekend, when I know everyone is going to be home!

Oh yeah, expect for my wife, who is working a church youth lock-in VERY EARLY Saturday morning, one son being gone on a scout trip, the other son working and my wife’s trip to San Diego on Sunday.

Oops! Did I say, San Diego? I mean, Phoenix!

See, I’ve got it straight!