Monday Morning Dad

Okay, for the record, I POSITIVELY know that my wife left for Phoenix yesterday morning!

As you may recall, I was a little “itinerary challenged” last week with my wife’s travel schedule.

But, not this week!

I am one hundred percent sure that when I speak to her I won’t find out she’s at “Fisherman’s Wharf” in San Francisco instead of Phoenix!

I know this because she is heading to Arizona State University in Tempe to do some recruiting for her company.

She has made this trip several times and really enjoys visiting that beautiful campus. She gets to spend three WARM days in the “Valley of the Sun” all the while looking for the “right person” for the job.

I imagine her job has become a bit more difficult if any of those students and potential employees have heard about our “wonderful” weather back here in good ‘ol upper midwest!

In case you aren’t from Minnesota or aren’t a “Weather Channel” junkie (and by the way, is there such a thing as a “Weather Channel” junkie?), it’s gotten REALLY cold here!

In fact, it even SNOWED here over the weekend and the forecast calls for the possibility of even more!

Saturday morning, we woke-up with the ground covered with the white stuff and a temperature of 25 degrees!

That’s cold for the beginning of October!

I mean, late October you can expect that, heck, if it happens in January, we’re breaking out the sunscreen and heading to the beach!

But in early October, our average high is still 62 degrees!

We’re still golfing, fishing and using the barbeque, not looking for winter coats, gloves and hats!

So early Saturday morning, I went to my thermostat to turn up the furnace and after I hit the command to “Give Me All You Got”, I could’ve sworn the touchpad flashed back, “Are You Kidding Me?”

It was like the furnace was telling me, “Hey, it’s only October, I not required to crank out those kind of BTU’s at least until December!”

But, it FEELS like December!

Many people are saying we are skipping fall and heading straight to winter, I say, we had a “fall”, unfortunately, it came in July!

What we didn’t have was a summer!

So, it makes sense that we are now heading to the start of ice fishing by the end of October!

I spent three hours of my Sunday preparing for our next blast of winter!

Raking leaves (there are still plenty on the trees), storing deck furniture, putting away garden hoses and applying one last treatment of fertilizer.

The forecast for the week ahead doesn’t look too promising, but here’s hoping we still have a few more nice autumn days left before the snow sticks around for good!

Let’s also hope my wife can convince some well tanned students that wearing a stylish winter coat six months a year is cool!