A Little Pub

I soon realized when I launched this website back in September, publicity is a necessity and can be a good thing.

A website needs to attract an audience that hopefully will grow over time.

It can take time and having patience is key.

I have used Facebook, Twitter, SAHD message boards and word of mouth to help increase the number of “hits” to “Dad’s Day”.

But it is a slow process.

I think of myself as being fairly creative, so I sat down and thought…

What would be a cheap and easy way to draw attention to my website?

Instead of spending my time messing around with the above mentioned approaches, I came up with an idea…

I would go out and get a large, silver balloon, fill it with helium and let it go in my backyard!

On yeah, I would record it, since I would want to put it on “YouTube” and of course, sell it to the tabloids!

Still, there would need to be something more…

A hook…

I’ve got it! How ’bout if I pretend that one of my kids is in the balloon?

What is that line from the beer commercial?

Oh yeah…


I would have to make some phone calls…

The FAA, the press…

Oh yeah, almost forgot, 9-1-1!

Better not forget that one!

And to make sure I sound convincing, I’ll drop something heavy on my foot, so it sounds like I am in pain and crying when I make the call!

Can you imagine?

The cable news networks would love it!

BREAKING NEWS…”A scatterbrained stay-at-home dad/cartoonist has accidentally launched a balloon from his backyard with one of his kids inside!”

The balloon, of course would have “DAD’S DAY COMICS” written in big letters on the side of it!

Maybe that would be too much, maybe it might tip off the media to my little plan…

Nahhh…they’ll check the facts later, they would just go with it, it is “BREAKING NEWS” after all!

There would be nonstop coverage, “OJ” style!

They would bring on experts questioning the wisdom of leaving children in the care of a man!

“What was that mother thinking?”

“A man left alone, in charge of kids, c’mon, you’re asking for trouble!”

Another expert would talk about the rising popularity of “webcomics” and they would examine “Dad’s Day Comics” inch by inch.


They would track the “DAD’S DAY” balloon’s every move, or at least until it started leaking and coming down, which of course, if I built it, it would!

The coverage would continue…

It would not even matter if the anchor appears confused as to why it is a “good thing” that the balloon is heading to a state that doesn’t have MOUNTAINS, we’re talking big ratings here, so they would just keep going!

“Dad’s Day Comics” would be talked about in “The Situation Room” for pete’s sake!

And maybe, just maybe, I’d be on “Larry King Live”!

Dadsdaycomics.com would be getting thousands & thousands of hits!

But someone beat me to it!


Some, so-called, “science” guy, attempting to gain some fame and possibly a reality TV show, “hatched” this scheme before me!

If I had just been quicker, all that “publicity” would have been mine!

Would it have been worth it?

Of course not!

Giving up your values, making your family lie to authorities and the nation, all in the name of getting attention, sorry not for me!

Wasting “First Responders” time and possibly taking them away from a “real” emergency, just so some more people might look at my cartoons, no thanks!

Causing delays at a major airport and inconveniencing travelers, so I could be on the morning talk shows, I don’t think so!

Losing your self-respect and the respect of your family and friends…

Nothing is worth that!

And one more thing…

How ’bout the media “running” with a story before really knowing all the facts and covering it like it was the only “news” event taking place in the whole world?

Maybe if they would be less eager to show such a “stunt” in the name of ratings, then maybe there would be less people willing to do such a stupid thing in the first place!

And as was clearly demonstrated last week, with publicity…

Be careful what you wish for!