Destination: MSP?

Counting down the hours until my wife returns from yet another trip to sunny and warm Phoenix!

Her flight is scheduled to land early in the afternoon, she’s on Delta/Northwest.

I’m hoping that her pilots aren’t messing around with their laptops, sleeping or doing anything else that can distract them from landing at Minneapolis.

You probably heard the story…

Pilots for Northwest Flight 188 on a flight from San Diego to Minneapolis/ St. Paul last week missed the Twin Cities by just a tad!

Okay, it was 150 miles, but that’s not too far when you’re traveling really, really fast!

They were somewhere over Wisconsin when a flight attendant called the flight deck to see if they were going to be landing anytime soon. (Maybe he or she wasn’t convinced Sioux Falls, South Dakota had suddenly grown in population after the plane had flown over the lights of the Twin Cities!)


The pilots realized they had “slightly” overshot their distination and made a quick “u-turn” at 37,000 feet!

Not sooooo fast!

The White House Situation Room was monitoring the “situation”, hence the name of the room!

We had the Air National Guard on standby.

“Balloon Boy” was even notified!

Air traffic controllers from here to San Diego had been attempting to reach the crew for over an hour and they weren’t going to let Flight 188 just come back to the Minneapolis airport without first “proving” they were who they said they were!

It was possible terrorists had gained control of the plane.

Controllers made the flight crew perform a series of manuvers taken right out of the movie, “Top Gun” prior to giving clearance to land! It was like taking a driving exam at your local DMV!

Specifically, they had to recreate the scene where “Maverick” and “Goose” was chasing Flight Instructor, “Jester” through the mountains of Southern California while also naming the current U.S. President, last year’s Super Bowl winner, the roster of the New York Yankees and the name of the actor who played “Doogie Howser, MD”!

They passed the “test”!

Flight 188 was allowed to land at MSP and the pilots were “welcomed” to Minnesota by the airport police!

First thought was the flight crew was asleep since repeated attempts to reach them went unanswered. Later, it was reported, they were using their own personal “laptop” computers to analyze the new Delta work schedule and simply lost track of time and apparently everything else that goes into operating a commercial aircraft!

Let’s hope the passengers got an “extra” 300 frequent flyer miles for the extended flight to the cheese capital of the world!

It was rotten weather here last week, maybe the pilots were really just trying to avoid having to spend time in Minnesota!

This just in…

Sounds like that new Delta work schedule those guys were supposedly trying so hard to figure out will get a whole lot easier for them to understand.

Heard on last night’s news that the FAA has revoked their licenses and that Delta/Northwest will be firing them soon.

Here’s an idea…

They’ll have plenty of free time…

Maybe, they can audition to be the new “Mac” & “PC” characters for those Apple Computer commercials!


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    A columnist (sp?) with a cartoon each day…..never seen that. Kindof a ShultzyBombeck sort of gig…like it! Karen