Another week of our long winter is in the books!

Hard to believe but we’ve only had 17 nights with the temperature below zero here in the Twin Cities and the average is 30. It sure seems like we’ve had many more! Our temps are suppose to warm up this weekend and hopefully it will begin to melt the glacier that is in our front yard!

Last night I filled out the paperwork for my son, David to tryout for his school’s golf team. By the looks of things around here it will be awhile before they are outside playing! They do have about a month of warm-up sessions inside an inflated dome that covers one of the school’s football fields. They hit shots with special golf balls that don’t travel as far as the regular ones. Hopefully, they’ll be outside, hitting the real ones by the end of March!

David also plays on an “In-House” basketball team at his school. It is a league made up of kids that aren’t on the school team. They play two games per week, have coaches and the games have referees. David’s team finished the regular season with 17 wins and 0 losses. They qualified to play in the State Rec Tournament that will be held in March and are also the number one seeded team in this weekend’s season ending league tournament. Depending upon the outcome of their opening game on Saturday, they will probably play three games this weekend.

Another week of marathon training is almost under my belt and all is going well. I will be running 18 miles tomorrow morning and I plan to get an early start so I can attend David’s game later in the day. The forecast calls for mild temps and more importantly, little wind so all should go well!

Jay Leno makes his return to late night on Monday. It should be interesting to see if his audience does too!

Things I Learned This Week…

*I’m a fan of curling!

I would guess I’m probably like most people who watch it and really can’t figure out why they are! There’s just something about watching those “athletes” slide that rock and go at it with those brooms…it would even be better if they had a few mugs of beer sitting on the sidelines for in between stones! Can’t say I would watch it every week if there were a “National Curling League” on the “National Curling League Network”, but for two weeks, every four years, I’m hooked!

*People take “American Idol” waaaaaay too seriously!

This week it was reported that Patti LaBelle doesn’t think all of the judges on the show are qualified! Come on, are you serious, Patti? It’s a TALENT SHOW!! It’s not a life and death situation! Exactly what qualifications do you need to listen to someone sing and decide whether you liked what you heard or not? And by the way, Patti, in case you haven’t noticed, the judges on the show don’t decide who wins and loses! That is decided by the voting viewers, which is a whole other can of worms! My advice to Patti would be to relax and enjoy the show!

Happy Weekend!