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Spell Check

One of the advantages of publishing your own webcomic is you get to be your own editor.

You are free to develop the characters as you see fit.

You can write the dialogue without someone looking over your shoulder or demanding changes to your work…etc…etc.

One of the disadvantages of publishing your own webcomic is you DON’T have an editor!

You DON’T have someone looking over your shoulder and demanding changes!

And this was clearly evident in Tuesday’s edition of Dad’s Day.

In the original version of the strip I attempted to use the word, “awkward” in the text. For some strange reason it came out as “ackward” (Just now, auto-correct on my computer tried to correct my mistake…could have you used it on Tuesday!) and thanks to my editor…ME…it went unnoticed until about 7:00PM…when the “editor” finally realized the mistake and quickly made a change thanks to Photoshop!

Now…maybe you’re saying…mistakes happen…don’t beat yourself up…you’ll do better next time!

But in the interest of full disclosure…this is not the first time that I spelled “awkward” with a “c” instead of a “w”!

Yep…I’ve done it before…but thankfully my “editor” caught my mistake!

Clearly…I have a problem!

So to my loyal readers…I have taken steps to ensure this ackward…I mean…awkward type of situation never occurs again!

If you noticed my mistake…my apologies!

If you didn’t…never mind!

Today’s ‘toon entitled, “Awkward” is dedicated to my thoughtful and sometimes less than thorough editor…ME!