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Well, the forecast was right!

We did indeed receive snow here on Monday. In fact, we received FOUR inches of the white stuff!

It was a pretty snowfall, it would have been perfect had it come in LATE November instead of MID October! Our grass is still green and we still have plenty of leaves on the trees for goodness sakes! We really haven’t had our normal fall colors yet and it looks like the early freeze and snow won’t be much help with that.

My daughter and her friend made a snowman in our front lawn on Monday and it was still there this morning!

My wife returns later today from her trip to Phoenix.

In a phone conversation yesterday she was rubbing in the fact that she had managed to miss our arctic blast! While the kids and I were scrounging around the house looking for winter coats, hats and gloves, she was walking around Tempe in shorts and flip-flops!

Ouch, that one hurt!

At least there might be a little “payback” after she lands!

She mentioned she had left her coat in her car at the airport. Might be a chilly walk from the terminal to the car!

It is suppose to warm up this weekend, with temps near 60 degrees, which is going to feel like 80 after the week we’ve had!

The kids have only a three day week at school and are off Thursday and Friday. Which is another reason I am grateful that my wife is coming home!

One night gone, piece of cake.

Two nights, a little tougher, but still pretty manageable.

Three nights gone, like her trip was this week and the degree of difficulty definitely increases!

Things went pretty well this week, but I probably lost some points with not being prepared with the winter gear. I’m hoping for a break from Mother Nature next week!

This will be the last blog update for the week, I am heading down to Des Moines to run it’s half marathon on Sunday. Check back on Monday to see how I did.

There WILL be a new ‘toon posted on Friday. Dave discovers Facebook-should be fun!

Have a great weekend!