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Things I Learned This Week

*Even when only one symptom is present, it is a good idea to have a strep test done.

My youngest son began complaining of a sore throat earlier this week. He didn’t have any other symptoms, such as fever or swollen lymph nodes. With the sore throat not getting better, I decided it was time to take him to the doctor and have it checked. I really didn’t think it was going to be a positive test for strep, nor did the nurse. The doctor examined him and they did a strep test, which turned out to be positive. He is on meds and back in school today after missing one day.

*The warmest Winter Olympics on record open tonight.

Yes, the warm weather appears to be the big story in this year’s games. The average January temperature in the host city of Vancouver was 45 degrees, which made it the warmest on record. While most venues are fine with snow cover, nearby Cypress Mountain was in dire need of the white stuff. Helicopters and trucks were used to bring in load after load of snow in an effort to get the venue ready for snowboarding and freestyle skiing. I am sure the residents of the east coast of the United States would be more than happy to “export” some or all of their supply to help out the effort. Come to think of it, so would I, come and get it, Vancouver! Rumor has it, “El Nino” may light the Olympic caldron tonight!

*Due to two massive snow storms, the U.S. Capitol has been shut down all week.

I’m thinking…maybe that’s a good thing!

*The Sports Illustrated cover jinx is real!

If you don’t think so, just ask U.S.A. skier, Lindsey Vonn!

Happy Weekend!

“Hump Day”

This week is going fast, thanks in part to the President’s Day holiday on Monday. The kids enjoyed the three day weekend. They are also happy about the four day school week!

My oldest son, David enjoyed a trip to a friend’s cabin in Wisconsin over the weekend. He loves to ice fish and by the looks of our freezer, the trip was a huge success! He returned late in the afternoon on Monday and unfortunately, in addition to all of the fish he caught, he also caught a bad cough and cold. He was not feeling well last night and is home sick from school today.

My daughter, Allison and wife, Connie were off to a Girl Scout Camp over the weekend. Lots of arts and crafts and a good time had by all. They returned on Sunday so Allison had a day to “recover”, my wife wasn’t as fortunate.

My son, Matt and I were the only ones left home this past weekend so we decided to drive to my parents house in Iowa. It was my parent’s birthdays and we were going to help them celebrate with dinner out on Saturday night. Their birthdays are only four days apart, so it was nice that we could be there to help them both celebrate. My sister and brother-in-law also joined us and we had a nice time. Unfortunately, we ran into another edition of “Ice Road Truckers” or you can call it, “Ice Road All Vehicles”. On the drive down Friday night we had dense fog for about 100 miles and on Sunday we had high winds and icy roads and snow on the return trip to the Twin Cities. Slow speeds and many cars in the ditch, I am ready for spring!

On Monday, Matt and his Boy Scout Patrol got together to build a sled for an upcoming event called, “The Klondike Derby”. Myself and another dad supervised as the boys assembled a pretty cool looking sled that they will use this Saturday. It took them about two hours to do the work and then it was time for the all important “test drive”. The sled worked great and it was fun to watch the reaction of the boys after they had successfully built the sled and it actually worked! They also learned a lot about proper use of tools and more importantly, working together as a team.

A quick update on my marathon training…

I managed to get a 15 mile run in Saturday morning while in Iowa. That puts me at 163 miles for the year so far. The intensity of my mid-week runs have increased and I can tell the difference when I do my long-runs on the weekends. The interval training that I dread so much has paid off and is making me a stronger runner. In addition to the speed work, I am doing strengthening exercises three days a week and core training daily. This weeks’ long run will be 18 miles on Saturday. The weather forecast is good and I will definitely be running outside.


Wow! Can’t believe it’s the weekend already!

Following a busy week, it’s going to be just as busy for our family this weekend. Tomorrow my boys are taking part in a “Klondike Derby” with their Boy Scout Troop. They have built sleds that will haul their gear and they will participate in some form of competition where they need to use a compass and their sleds. Check back on Monday and I’ll let you know how it turned out!

Tomorrow, my daughter will be picking up and distributing the Girl Scout cookies she sold last month I’m sure the neighbors will be happy to see her show up with their orders. If past years are any indication, the supply we ordered for our house won’t last too long!

My marathon training schedule calls for an 18 mile run tomorrow morning. The weather forecast is favorable, so I’m planning on heading to the lakes in Minneapolis early for the run. It was a good week of training and I also booked my hotel in Green Bay for race weekend. Following the run, I am meeting up with some friends from our church for some fellowship and “simulated” golf at a local golf center. I have played the simulated game once before and it should be a good time. We are playing a “scramble” format, not sure what course we’ll choose to play.

Following church on Sunday, my oldest son has a basketball game. He plays on an “in-house” team, which is currently undefeated in their league.

On Monday, my wife gets to escape our winter for a couple of days with a business trip to sunny and warm, San Diego.

Things I Learned This Week…

*Following extensive new research and testing it now appears that “King Tut” died of an infection in a broken leg instead of murder that was long suspected.

Apparently, the King suffered a broken leg, developed a nasty infection and died in mid-January 1323 B.C.
Further research discovered that Tut appeared on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” in early January 1323 B.C. This now appears to be the first recorded evidence of the “S.I. cover jinx”!

*I learned what a “Double McTwist 1260″ is.

Thank you, Shaun White and congratulations too!

*Be careful what you say, it might wind up on the internet and the 10 O’clock News!

Actually, Mark Rogers, Owner of the “Legends” restaurant chain found this out the hard way this week. It seems on Monday, his downtown Des Moines restaurant was just a “tad” busier than most Mondays. There was an “in-service” day for teachers in the Des Moines Public School District and they were meeting at a nearby convention complex. During their lunch break, several of the teachers decided to dine at “Mister Rogers” establishment (with apologies to the late, great, Fred Rogers, I couldn’t resist). It seems one of the teachers got a little more than she ordered in the form of a hair that had somehow found it’s way onto her food! After being noticed, it was brought to the attention of the server, who according to the teacher and her dining party, didn’t really seem to care too much! Following a request to see “The Manager” that got nowhere, the owner, Mark Rogers was summoned. Much to the teachers surprise, the owner, allegedly got very angry and abusive. He “allegedly” let them know what he thought of teachers and told them never to return to his establishment!

Well, you can probably figure out what happened next…

An e-mail was sent out to teachers in the Des Moines area, of which, my sister is one, who forwarded it to me. The e-mail explained what happened and called for a boycott of the Legends chain. Soon, the e-mail was forwarded to thousands of people and the local news media picked up on it and it was suddenly on the local newscast. It was the worst case scenario for the restaurant, especially with the busy high school tournaments coming to town beginning this week.

A e-mail from the “Director of Operations” for the chain tried to “defuse” the situation. He explained the restaurant was under-staffed, employs around 500 hard-working people in the area, with current economic conditions, is struggling to survive, hadn’t anticipated the lunchtime “rush”, has always supported many schools in the area and that the owner is really a great guy, just a little “stressed” out!

Then it was Mark Roger’s turn to try…

Rogers went on a local TV station’s newscast and tried to explain how sorry he was for his actions and how he would very much like to “buy” lunch for the wonderful, tireless, hard-working teachers!

Not sure how it turned out in Des Moines, but it seems someone else has a television appearance scheduled for this morning to “explain” his bad actions off of the golf course. We’ll have to see how he is at damage control too!

The lesson…

Be careful what you say or do!

Happy Weekend!

Monday Morning Dad

My wife left early this morning for the airport and a flight to San Diego. She is attending a business conference there and will be addressing the gathering. She’ll be gone for two nights and while we’re back here in Minnesota awaiting the arrival of our next cold front, she’ll get to enjoy some warm temps!

My daughter is off from school today…end of the second “trimester” and it’s a grading day for the teachers. My boys are in school today, much to their disappointment. As I have mentioned, our kids are on different academic calendars, which means I almost forgot she was off today!

Managed to get my long-run in on Saturday morning, although I needed to cut off a couple of miles from my planned 18. Due to my boys needing a little help getting things ready for their Boy Scout outing on Saturday, I got a later than I had planned. Normally that wouldn’t have been a problem, but I needed to be home before noon to get ready for my “simulated” golf outing with church friends.

Speaking of the golf…I learned you still hit bad shots in the simulated game, just like on a real course! Our team wound up four over par and in last place!

The boys had fun at their “Klondike Derby”. They had good weather and some fun competitions among the different Patrols. Sounds like all of the homemade sleds performed well!