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“Hump Day”

This week is going fast, thanks in part to the President’s Day holiday on Monday. The kids enjoyed the three day weekend. They are also happy about the four day school week!

My oldest son, David enjoyed a trip to a friend’s cabin in Wisconsin over the weekend. He loves to ice fish and by the looks of our freezer, the trip was a huge success! He returned late in the afternoon on Monday and unfortunately, in addition to all of the fish he caught, he also caught a bad cough and cold. He was not feeling well last night and is home sick from school today.

My daughter, Allison and wife, Connie were off to a Girl Scout Camp over the weekend. Lots of arts and crafts and a good time had by all. They returned on Sunday so Allison had a day to “recover”, my wife wasn’t as fortunate.

My son, Matt and I were the only ones left home this past weekend so we decided to drive to my parents house in Iowa. It was my parent’s birthdays and we were going to help them celebrate with dinner out on Saturday night. Their birthdays are only four days apart, so it was nice that we could be there to help them both celebrate. My sister and brother-in-law also joined us and we had a nice time. Unfortunately, we ran into another edition of “Ice Road Truckers” or you can call it, “Ice Road All Vehicles”. On the drive down Friday night we had dense fog for about 100 miles and on Sunday we had high winds and icy roads and snow on the return trip to the Twin Cities. Slow speeds and many cars in the ditch, I am ready for spring!

On Monday, Matt and his Boy Scout Patrol got together to build a sled for an upcoming event called, “The Klondike Derby”. Myself and another dad supervised as the boys assembled a pretty cool looking sled that they will use this Saturday. It took them about two hours to do the work and then it was time for the all important “test drive”. The sled worked great and it was fun to watch the reaction of the boys after they had successfully built the sled and it actually worked! They also learned a lot about proper use of tools and more importantly, working together as a team.

A quick update on my marathon training…

I managed to get a 15 mile run in Saturday morning while in Iowa. That puts me at 163 miles for the year so far. The intensity of my mid-week runs have increased and I can tell the difference when I do my long-runs on the weekends. The interval training that I dread so much has paid off and is making me a stronger runner. In addition to the speed work, I am doing strengthening exercises three days a week and core training daily. This weeks’ long run will be 18 miles on Saturday. The weather forecast is good and I will definitely be running outside.