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My Summer

Labor Day weekend is here, the “unofficial” end to summer.

Time to put away my sunscreen and mosquito repellent (okay, maybe not the latter just yet).

Eighty eight days of fun in the sun and of course, a few clouds!

It all comes to end on Tuesday morning when my kids head back to school. But it’s been one heckuva a summer for me!

Oh sure, there’s been the usual stuff..

Dentist and ortho appointments for the kids (my daughter got braces this summer), kids playing with friends, older son when not working at a golf course, could be found playing there, my son completing his Eagle Scout project and of course, yours truly nearly running out of gas while waiting in line to dispose of unwanted household items at our city’s clean-up day in June (memo to me…always check the gas gauge)!

We enjoyed an evening of listening to music and watching fireworks during our city’s Fourth of July celebration. Our grill was used pretty heavily this past summer, plenty of brats, burgers and steaks were served up! There was also a lot of yard work that was completed!

But it was also a summer to remember for so many fun things I got to do with my family! A summer that I’ll never forget!

(Que the memory music!)

Back in May, we joined a boat club on nearby Lake Minnetonka. Although, it was sometimes difficult to find the time to get out on the water as much as we like, when we did, it was a blast! The kids enjoyed tubing and water skiing, while Mom & Dad enjoyed cruising the lake and watching the sunsets! We’re hoping to get out a few more times before “old man winter” says get back inside!

Tubing on Lake Minnetonka!

Tubing on Lake Minnetonka!

In June, my older son and I spent a week sailing in the Florida Keys at the Boy Scout camp, “Sea Base”. It was my son’s last high adventure trip as a scout and also a chance for me to spend time with him before he heads into his senior year of high school. The weather was ideal and thankfully, we saw no signs of the oil spill!

Sailing in the Keys!

Sailing in the Keys!

In July we got our first look at Target Field, the new home of our hometown team, the Minnesota Twins. It was something we all looked forward to and the stadium didn’t disappoint! We have since been to a couple of more games, unfortunately, we haven’t seen a victory by the Twins yet, but my son did have a thrill of catching a foul ball in one of the games!

Great catch!

Great catch!

Later in July it was time for the boys and me to hit the trail! Of course the trail I’m talking about was located about 800 miles away in Wyoming! While my older son was with a church group and myself and other son with a group of scouts, we all spent a week backpacking and enjoying the beauty of the Big Horn Mountains. Besides the thrill of waking every morning and putting a forty-plus pound pack on your back and hiking all day uphill, a couple of highlights of the trip for me were, seeing my older son along the trail and making it to the top of Cloud Peak at 13,167 feet! Oh, I almost forgot, my first shower after the trek ranks high too!

My boys & I along the trail.

My boys & I along the trail.

In addition to those…

In August, my wife and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary while our daughter turned eleven years old the day before.

My daughter kept busy with a couple of dance classes, attending a week long church camp and of course, playing with her friends!

I made a couple of trips to Iowa to be with my father who had two surgeries, one to install a new pacemaker and one a couple of weeks later to remove a hematoma, which developed over the new device.

And as if the high adventure trips weren’t enough of the great outdoors for me, I also spent a night camping a scout camp in the northern part of Minnesota as well as two nights camping last weekend with the scouts along the St. Croix River.

I completed a 20K race in Iowa in June and continue to run with the hopes of running the Twin Cities Marathon in October.

That was it!

A summer to remember!

Now it’s time for my kids to dig out the backpacks and head back to school!

We’ll fall back into our old routine on Tuesday morning and I’ll make my traditional first day of school breakfast of pancakes for the kids.

Hope you enjoyed your summer and have a safe holiday weekend!

Back To School, etc…

Yesterday was the first day of school for my kids and by all indications the year got off to a good start!

I now have a senior, an eighth and a fifth grader!

And how do I know that they each had a good day of school? For one, they all made it home at their expected times, which is good since the senior drives to school. Also, I know things went well since they all responded with the expected answer of “good” when I asked them how their first day of school went!

Any long-winded answer would have immediately sent up a red flag with me!

In my book, “good” means, ” great”!

One thing that was different about the start of school this year was our weather! With light rain falling, strong winds blowing and temps in the fifties, it felt more like the end of October than the beginning of September!

Was it possible to have a snow day on the first day of school?

It sure felt like it!

We were scrambling at the last minute to find sweatshirts and jackets.

It was also my first day back as a short-order breakfast cook. I made my traditional first day of school pancakes for the kids, but unfortunately, my oldest no longer includes “pancakes” on his list of favorite foods! That meant a different offering of eggs, bacon & hashbrowns for him.

Time to get the tip jar back out!

Last Friday night, the fourth time was the charm!

My next door neighbor and I, along with my sons attended the Twins game on Friday night. The hometown boys were playing the Texas Rangers, which meant it was a battle of first place teams.

As you may recall, I have been to three previous games, which were all losses for the Twins, so I since this was more than likely the last game I’ll go to this year, I was really hoping to see a victory!

One more loss and I was worried the team may not let me back into the stadium!

I could just see it…

They scan my ticket at the gate and the person in the lime green jacket says to me, “we would prefer you watch at home!”

I am relieved to report, we saw a good game and finally a Twins victory!

And I didn’t have to look in a single garbage can!

A little movie review…

My wife and I saw “Going The Distance” on Saturday night.

It stars Drew Barrymore and Justin Long.

It is rated, “R”.

I had seen the previews earlier this summer and thought it looked like it had potential to be a pretty good romantic-comedy.

Worthy enough to justify the rather large expenditure of cash it now takes to view a movie in a theater.

From the beginning you could tell, the movie was attempting to be like other recent comedies, such as, “Knocked-Up”, “The Hangover”, etc…

The one difference…

The writing!

The others had smart writing, while “Going The Distance” fell short in that area.

It was a very predictable story line about a long distance relationship.

The writers tried to make you forget just how predictable the plot was by the use of it’s supporting cast and what they have must have thought were funny scenes with said cast.

Why did it fall short?

It seemed like whenever the writers struggled for humor they said to themselves…

“Let’s just use the “F” word a few thousand times, that’s sure to get a laugh!”

Okay, used a few times is okay, but using it over and over and over again really took away from what could have been a much better movie.

If you were back in college and playing the drinking game when you needed to take a chug of beer everytime the “F” word was uttered, you would have been passed out, shortly after the opening credits were finished!

There was also a questionable storyline with the sister and brother-in-law, along with an ending that in my opinion, failed in an attempt to be unpredictable!

On my “Stay-At-Home-Dad” scale of zero to five diapers, I would give this one a two!

Wait for the rental!

On Monday, I turned the big, four-eight!

Yep, it’s still off in the distance, but fifty is now getting a whole lot closer! A lot closer than I care to think about!

But to prove I’m not quite ready to be fitted for a walker, I ran three miles to keep fit and to help make room for the birthday cake my wife made for me!

I also made enough room to enjoy dinner out with my family!


It’s been a difficult decision.

One day I’m in and the next, not!

I’ve had aches and pains, which have only added to my indecision.

But wait!

I’ve seen this scenario someplace before!

I know of someone who couldn’t make his mind up too! Someone else who had aches and pains! Someone else, who like me, was beginning to feel his age!

He finally made a decision, so I knew what I had to do!

I simply asked myself, “What would Brett do?”

Yeah, that Brett!

The quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre, who knows better than anyone how to handle one’s indecisive mind!

So you’re probably wondering, what has been MY difficult decision?

No, it wasn’t trying to decide when to clean the carpet!

I needed to make a decision whether to run the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 3rd!

It sounded like such a good idea back in April when I registered for it. I had all of the motivation in the world! This was going to be the year I ran two those suckers!

That was before…

I had my It Band problem at the Green Bay Marathon. I did manage to run a 20K a few weeks later, but it was still bothersome and some rest was needed. Then there was a week spent sitting on a boat, (not a lot of space to run there) which caused an old hip injury (not from running) to flare up and more rest was needed. Then there was the week spent backpacking in Wyoming and feeling fatiqued after returning home.

I would have a great intentions one day and not so much the next.

I was running the race one day, not running, the next!

All the while the clock was ticking down to the race date!

A decision needed to be made!

Sound familiar?


I’ve have been training hard for the past few weeks and have made the decision to run the race in October!

Brett’s playing QB and I’m running 26.2 miles!

I think!

Stay tuned!

“Happy One Year Anniversary” to my little web comic!

Yep, hard to believe, but Tuesday will be the one year anniversary of the launching of “Dad’s Day Comics”! I am happy to report that August was a record month for the number of visitors to the site!


Plans are in the works for a color Sunday strip that will launch in the coming months!

Also, a big “thanks” to Southwest Metro Magazine for featuring “Dad’s Day” in the “Around Town” section of their September issue.

Happy Weekend!