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Locked Up!

Note to self…under NO circumstances will I dive for a ball in an attempt to catch said ball in order to allow a teammate back into the game!

Been there, done that, still feel that!

What game you ask?

Pin Guard, of course!

What is Pin Guard, you ask?

It is a version of the classic, “Dodgeball”. But in Pin Guard, in addition to avoiding get hit and knocked out of the game, teams need to protect a pair of bowling pins that are placed in the corners of the gymnasium. The team that knocks down both pins first, wins the game!

Of course if a player CATCHES a ball that is thrown at him or her, one player that has previously been knocked out, can return to the game.

More about that rule later.

Why am I spending time worrying about my pin guard strategy you ask?

Because tonight the Boy Scout Troop my boys belong to will be having their annual “Lock-In” event and I will be participating in one or two or three or four games of the above mentioned game!

The lock-in, which will take place at a local area church, will be begin at 6:00 PM tonight and end at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. We have 48 scouts and many adults that will spend the early part of the evening bowling and consuming large amounts of pizza and soda at an area bowling alley, then return to the church around 9:00 PM for when the real fun begins!

That being, loud raucous, sweaty, surprisingly competitve games of pin guard!

Two, three, four hours worth of pin guard!

You see, very little sleep occurs at our lock-in. Oh, we have a quiet room and yes, scouts are encouraged to bring a sleeping bag and get some sack time, but usually only a couple of scouts actually get any sleep.

The consumption of Mountain Dew may have something to do with that!

This will be my fourth lock-in, second as the “Adult Coordinator”, which basically means I’m the one who makes the reservations, gets the keys to the church, pays the pizza bill and then gets out of the way so our Senior Patrol Leader can run the show!

But tonight the adults get a chance to participate in the pin guard tradition!

The adult “Patrol” in our troop is affectionately referred to as the “Old Goats” and of course the “Old Goats” will be playing to win tonight!

Which brings me back to that rule of pin guard which allows a knocked out player to return to the game if another player catches a ball thrown in his or her direction.

Tonight marks the two year anniversary of when I, in the spirit of being a good teammate AND attempting to win what was probably our tenth game that evening, dove for a ball in order to catch it!

And in the spirit of Charlie Brown, I not only failed to make the catch, thus knocking myself out of the game, but I also proceeded to land on my hip, which required a month of physical therapy, made me walk with a limp for a couple of months and to this day, still bothers me from time to time!

All in the name of pin guard!

So my plan is to play “smart” tonight and avoid getting injured.

Of course all bets may be off once the Mountain Dew takes effect and if my son starts “talking some trash” to this old goat!

Happy Weekend!