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The Cover Up!

All that was missing was Ty Pennington yelling in my ear…


You remember Ty Pennington?

He is the host of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover-Home Edition”.

The show where they tear down a house and replace it with a new one while the home owners are kept at a Disney resort.

And oh yeah, they do it all in a week!

Pennington is also the guy who looks like he lives on nothing but caffine! Ruffled hair, skinny, running around with a blow horn, yelling at everyone to get things done!

Can be just a tad annoying.

But, he gets results!

Every time the job is finished in a week! Oh sure, they make it look like they may not make it, but they always do! (By the way, if I’m ever on the show and they feel like they need an “extra” day to complete my NEW house, by all means, take it!)

Well, last week I had my own version of a makeover!

No, I wasn’t tearing down our house and replacing it with a new one, rather, I was giving my daughter’s room a bit of a facelift!

Call it, “The Not-So-Extreme Makeover-Daughter’s Room Edition”!

My daughter turned twelve last week and as a gift to her we decided it was time to give her room a fresh look. A new dresser was purchased, a new desk and chair, as well as, new bedding for her bed. After the new furniture was delivered, it became pretty apparent that a new paint job was in order. Afterall, it had been twelve years since I painted her room. I did it shortly after she came home from the hospital, time flies!

A paint job was due!

She picked the color.

I promised her I would paint the room, I just hadn’t realized how quickly!

She had left for a week long church camp on Sunday.

Little did I know that my wife had promised her the job would be finished upon her return the following Friday!

I found out about this little detail on Monday.

I was leaving town early that following Friday, which meant the job must be completed by then. And of course, that was the day my daugther expected to see her “new” room!

I couldn’t disappoint her!

So here was the plan…

I would purchase the paint Tuesday afternoon, complete everything else that needed to be done before I left town on Wednesday, get up early on Thursday morning and go until it was done!

Thursday 6:15 AM…

I began removing “stuff” from her room and storing it in her brothers’ rooms. I then moved her new dresser and bed into the center of the room and covered them both.

7:00 AM…

I taped the woodwork.

I really hate this part!

It’s so time consuming!

Do I really need to do this?

I’ll be careful!

7:30 AM…

Taping complete, time to paint!

7:31 AM…

I had that “what was I thinking moment” when I realized that twelve years ago I had let my creative side take over and with little thought of the future, I painted bright stripes, dots and flowers all over my daughter’s room!

Bright colors and lots of them!

This would be no simple paint job!

8:30 AM…

I realized I was in for a good workout! I would be burning lots of calories on this day!

I was looking at multiple coats of paint to cover those cheerful looking stripes!

I knew this when I purchased the paint! I told the gentleman who helped me to give me the thickest paint you have! I had explained the situation to him, he laughed, and proceeded to hook me up with a paint that was sure to cover in five or six coats!

11:30 AM…

All that was missing was Ty Pennington yelling in my ear, “TICK, TICK, TICK…MOVE IT!!!!!”

So I kept moving!

No stopping for lunch, just a brief water break from time to time!

12:30 PM…

I can still see those stupid stripes! Keep rolling!

1:35 PM…

The end of the painting portion is near! After four plus coats of heavy duty paint the stripes & flowers arre finally covered. I’m ringing wet with sweat, but it’s no time to stop…there’s tape to remove, clean-up to be done and furniture to be moved!

4:00 PM…

A very long day ends when I put my daughter’s stuffed animals back on her bed! With apologies to a former President…”Mission Accomplished!”

I did it! My daughter would come home, although I wouldn’t be there, and see her new room!

A "before" picture!

Stripes & dots everywhere!

Ready to "roll"!

Waiting to be covered!

Purple pride!

Here we go!

The clock is ticking...

"Let's move it!!!"


A almost complete makeover!

P.S. My daughter loved it! Ty would be proud!