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Play Ball!

It had been roughly twenty five years since I last played.

Twenty five years since I had taken a swing.

Twenty five years since I dove to catch a fly ball.

Twenty five years since had last played slow pitch softball.

That was until last night!

Yes, at the rip old age of 49 I decided it was time to dig through the storage bins in my garage, find my glove, put on cleats, swing a bat and play right field for one of the two teams from my church!

After a “retirement” of a mere quarter century I was back on the field in church league softball!

You get a bit nervous on “Opening Day” when you realize your last plate appearance was long before your oldest child, who is just finishing his freshman year in college, was born!

No need to worry…

I had attended exactly ONE practice prior to last night!

I was ready to go!

Although, I made sure of a couple of things before I left for the game…

1. I had an ample supply of “Ben Gay” for those aging muscles waiting for me at home.
2. Our ice tray in our fridge was full.
3. My insurance card was safely tucked in my wallet in the event of an unplanned trip to the ER.
4. A copy of my will left in plain sight on my desk!

Just a few precautions!

This was all done in the name of fellowship with a great group of guys from my church. Truth be told, I had agreed to play on one of the teams during a weak moment…while having a post-game beer with a few guys from my church league volleyball team. That was the same volleyball team that won only about three SETS the entire season!

I was so inspired, I decided I should extend my “playing days” by signing up for softball!

Much like my self-imposed rule of no diving for a ball during the volleyball season, I had decided a similar rule should apply to softball. No diving for a line drive hit my way and in addition to that rule, I added an additional one…NO SLIDING!

I don’t care if I was about to score the winning run in the playoffs, (Wait, do we have playoffs in church league softball?) I’m not sliding! Said winning run would have to be scored standing up!

Of course, these rules were established in order to avoid receiving a “lecture” about the dangers of someone “my age” playing a kid’s game from a young doctor working the night shift in the Emergency Room at our local hospital!

Have fun.

Play safe!

That would be my motto!

These rules became even more important during the first inning when one of our players, who was probably about ten years younger than me was running to first on a ball he hit and slightly pulled his hamstring! Then later on, our first baseman nearly had his shoulder dislocated when he had his extended arm hit by a base runner!

I probably should have dropped off some of my Ben Gay at his house!

Gotta feeling that shoulder is a little stiff today!

Aside from the those two incidents, there were no major injuries and no trips to the ER required!

Unfortunately, much like volleyball…

We lost!

8 to 2.

However, on the bright side, my personal line was…

One for three at the plate and no errors in the field, although I did feel a little like Charlie Brown until a ball was finally hit my way!

And most importantly, both hamstrings are working properly today!

On The Run

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and it looks to stay that way for awhile…

Dance Dad

My daughter has been in full dance competition mode the past couple of weeks.

Two weeks…two competitions…both in downtown St. Paul, which is about a forty minute drive from my house under good traffic conditions.

One thing I have learned about dance competitions…

There is a lot of down time!

One routine may take a couple of minutes to watch, but it can be a LONG time in between routines! Fortunately, I was able to scout out a nice quiet area to relax, have some coffee and read the newspaper, a magazine and a book!

And of course this doesn’t all happen on the same day! For last week’s competition, my daughter’s solo performance took place on Thursday night and the team portion on Saturday.

Lots of trips to St. Paul.

This week’s event takes place in nearby Bloomington.

Oh, by the way…

She and her team did great!

I don’t think she gets that talent from her dad!

Back In The Nest

It seems like yesterday that I was taking my oldest son to college for his freshman year.

And now, he’s home for summer!

(The piles of stuff in his room prove it!)

I have learned that everything that goes to college, must come home from college…and then some!

All in all, he had a great year and is looking forward to returning in the fall.

Speaking of looking…

He is currently looking for summer employment.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

The Great Outdoors

I spent last weekend with a group of Boy Scouts camping at a Boy Scout Camp just across the St. Croix River in Wisconsin.

Aside from a brief shower we encountered while setting up our tents, it was a beautiful weekend!

There was not a cloud in the sky on Saturday and Sunday and temps were in the seventies!

Great hiking weather during the day and cool temps at night made for good sleeping.

We had a lot of new scouts along, which made it even more exciting watching them work as a team for the first time.

Everything went great except for my son coming down with a stomach bug.

He was feeling better on Sunday and back to school on Monday.

Going Halfsies

I take off later today for Fargo.


I am running the Fargo Half Marathon early Saturday morning.

Yes, there is also a full marathon that starts about a half hour after the half version gets going, but I decided not to do a spring marathon this year.

Last year it was difficult to train outside for a full marathon, so that’s why the decision to do a half.

Why Fargo?

Last year, I ran the Green Bay Marathon. (Which happens this Sunday in that city.)

They also have a half marathon.

Originally, I was planning on running in it.

But, I found out that due to stadium construction, this year’s route does not include a lap through Lambeau Field.

You see, unlike previous years when I ran the full marathon, I thought it would be fun to do the half and actually enjoy a pain-free lap in the historic stadium!

But not this year!

So the switch to nice, FLAT Fargo was made!


And the course includes a final lap through the historic (okay, that’s a bit strong), COVERED…


Not to mention a fabulous post-race concert Saturday night that headlines Journey, Styx & REO Speedwagon!

It would be like a high school reunion!


I did to head back to the Twin Cities shortly after the race for…

You guessed it…

My daughter’s dance competition!