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Sea Base II

A couple of years ago I spent a week sailing and snorkeling with my oldest son in the Florida Keys.

We were at a place called, Sea Base.

Sea Base is a “high adventure” camp run by the Boy Scouts of America.

It offers three different types of programs for the visiting Troops…

Scuba, Coral Reef and Sea Exploring.

Tomorrow, I will return to Sea Base for another week of sailing and snorkeling on the Coral Reef program.

I can’t wait!

This time, my oldest will be staying home and son number two will be making the trip with me or more accurately, me with him!

Last year at this time, that same son and I were just beginning another adventure in the mountains of New Mexico, at Philmont Scout Ranch. We spent two weeks backpacking in the rugged and very dry conditions for nearly one hundred miles. Starting on Sunday, we will sail many miles, but fortunately for me, I won’t have to strap the boat onto back each morning and lug it to the point of exhaustion!

No, for the next week my biggest concern will be finding a volunteer to put sunscreen on my back!

Two high adventure trips, but two very different high adventure trips!

Two years ago our troop sent three crews to Sea Base. Each crew had eight people and we were split up onto three boats. This year, it’s a little different, we only have one crew going, with six scouts and two adults.

Two years ago we were concerned about the Gulf oil spill affecting our trip.

No such concerns this year.

Other than that, everything is pretty much the same…

We will be sailing on a forty foot sail boat and we will be working!

This is not a pleasure cruise!

Okay, it is, but we do handle the boat under the guidance of its skipper.

We will also do a lot of snorkeling, just like in 2010.

So if the tropical storms stay away from us it should be another great week!

New ‘toons will continue to appear in my absence and I will post a blog upon my return.

Anchors away!

Sea Base...2010