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Happy 2014!

Happy New Year from Dad’s Day Comics!!

Thanks to all of our loyal readers and followers for making 2013 the best year yet for Dad’s Day!

Some changes to look forward to in the coming months…

The blog is back!
Look for regular updates & rants beginning next week!

More Dave & crew!
New ‘toons will soon be available Monday thru Friday!

And that’s just for starters!

More changes to come!

Hope 2014 is good for you!

In The Vortex; In The Crosshairs; In Bed…

Polar Vortex 2014

If you would have asked me two weeks ago what the “Polar Vortex” was, I would have replied with something like, “It was a crazy ride that I went on at the Iowa State Fair, way back in the day! It was the one that whipped you around at a high speed, had plunging drops and I am pretty sure we went on it to cool off on a hot summer day!”

I guess my memory is a little fuzzy on that one!

Seems a “Polar Vortex” is actually a chunk of the North Pole.

Okay…a chunk of super cold air from the pole!

Who knew?

The good news…we survived!

Some of the highlights…

At our “low point” I believe we got down to 23 below…that’s pretty cold, even for this part of the country.

My kids holiday break from school was extended for two days. This was probably the most challenging part of “Vortex ’14” for me…after an already long break, the last thing I wanted to hear was that school was cancelled!

Schools reopened when the temp “got up” to -4.

The best part of the cold wave was that it wasn’t isolated to just the upper midwest. No…other parts of the country got to feel our pain too! Of course this meant that television anchors from all over we’re trying their best to demonstrate what “cold” was!

It wasn’t enough to just report a temperature, visual aides were required to fully show the power of sub-zero (or single digits) temps!

A few of my favorites…

Throw some boiling water into the air and watch it freeze!

Freeze a banana and hammer a nail!

And who knew if you soaked a shirt in water and placed it outside that it would be frozen solid in a matter of seconds?!

Okay…my kids & I did do the boiling water a few times…pretty cool!

The forecast calls for a “balmy”, almost summer like temperature of 32 ABOVE today and over the weekend…time to have a barbecue!

Distracted Driver

During a recent post-holiday shopping trip to a busy “big box” retailer and while exiting the store I got to experience what a deer goes through right before ending up on the hood of someone’s car!

Here was the scene…

Myself and another person were leaving the store. We both paused and looked for cars. I noticed a car that was waiting to turn into the crosswalk. The car wasn’t moving, but the driver was…you guessed it…talking on the cell phone!

After pausing to see if the driver was going to wait, the other person and I decided to go (independently, I might add, isn’t wasn’t a “joint” decision like Thelma & Louise).

The problem… the driver on the cell phone decided to go within a second of myself and the other person entering the crosswalk.

With “cat-like” and not “deer-like” reflexes we were able to avoid becoming a hood ornament!

Now, I am not going to judge…I’m thinking that since that person couldn’t wait to get on a cell phone and drive fast through a busy parking lot, that it had to be some sort of emergency!

Someone was sick, there was an accident, the family pet was caught in tree…anything other than “Hey, what’s going on?”

I hope.

Flu Bug

I got to ring in 2014 being sick!

I started feeling not-so-good on New Year’s Eve and it got worse.

Five days of a bad, sea otter sounding, rib hurting, not wanting to get out of bed, deep cough.

Not to be mention a low grade fever and general feeling of blahhhh!

Still coughing a little, but feeling much better.


Just a quick word of thanks to all of my readers & followers!

2013 was the best year yet for Dad’s Day Comics!

I am working hard to crank out more strips for the coming year and I very much appreciate your loyal following!

Thanks for making Dad’s Day Comics one of the fastest growing webcomics on the net!