Wanted: Ice!

“Be patient, it’ll be here soon enough!”

That’s what I’ve been telling my son.

You wouldn’t think a nearly eighteen year old boy would care, but my son and a few of his friends are the exception!

What is it that they are in such a hurry to get?


Specifically, lake ice!

The kind thick enough to drive a truck on!

Yep, my son and his buddies are anxiously awaiting for our 10,000 plus lakes to become solid!

Why, you ask?

Because, believe it or not, they love to ice fish!

Yep, the kind of fishing where a person ventures out onto a frozen lake, drills a hole (or two), drops a line and hopes a fish would like to get some sun!

You’re probably thinking that sounds rather cold!

You’re right, it is!

That’s why winter fishermen and fisherwomen here in the northland use something called an “ice house” to protect them from the elements. It is basically a small structure made out of wood that is placed on a lake for about two and half months depending upon our temperatures. There are holes cut into the wood floor that will be used to drop a line after a device called an ” ice auger” is used to drill through a layer of ice that can be as thick as two feet.

These houses can be simple or they can be elaborate.

The more decked out versions often have satelite TV’s, microwaves, beds, heaters, etc…

Portable ice houses are also an option to use. They are taken out onto a lake, unfolded and set-up, then after a person is done fishing for the day, it is packed up for the return trip home. They are usually made of some type of fabric or plastic and fold up pretty small. My son and his friends purchased one of these last year and used it a lot.

That was last year!

THIS year, the plans called for a permanent structure, one that will have a winter home on one of our area lakes.

So my son and his friends designed an ice house that could be built in our backyard, but would come apart easily for transportation to the lake, where it would be re-assembled for their use.

I was a little skeptical!

But over the past couple of weeks, I have watched the thing being built and I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed with what is almost the finished product!

Yesterday, the finishing touches were started.

A handle and latch were secured to the door, all weather carpet was laided inside and a map of nearby Lake Minnetonka was prominently placed on the wall.

A vent to bring in fresh air was installed and reflectors were added to the outside so people on snowmobiles at night can spot the thing.

A license will be purchased soon to be displayed on the outside of the house.

And the plan is to paint the exterior this weekend.

All that is needed is a good thick layer of ice!

Unfortunately, for my anxious fisherson, it sounds like that’ll be awhile.

With the temp forecasted to be at or near sixty this weekend, I don’t think “Mother Nature” will be making any ice too soon!

But on the bright side, it does give me a chance to get some last minute “winterizing” done of my own.

Clean and organize the garage.

Store the outside flower pots.

Cover our deck furniture.

Turn off the water to the outside.

One last lawn cutting.

Drain the gas from the mower.

All of these things need to get done because it won’t be too long before my son gets his wish and things around here will get mighty frozen!

Happy Weekend!

The ice house construction…

The beginning!

The beginning!

Floor complete, ready for the walls!

Floor complete, ready for the walls!

Walls going up!

Walls going up!

An ice house is born!

An ice house is born!

Ready to use!

Ready to use!