Monday Morning Dad

Back at the drawing board following a busy weekend of putting things away for the winter and adjusting to standard time once again!

As I mentioned on Friday, our weather forecast for the weekend could be summed up in one word…


And as it turned out, it didn’t disappoint!

We enjoyed mild temps on both Saturday and Sunday. It was the perfect time to do one of my least favorite things, that being, clean the garage!

Yeah, it was time to make my annual switch of summer and winter gear. Time to store the mower, golf clubs, bikes and roller blades and break out the snow blower, snow shovels, ice scrapers and boots!

It was also time to sweep and purge!

Sweep away a summer’s worth of dust and dirt to make way for a winter’s worth of slush and road salt!

Time to throw away stuff that hadn’t seen the light of day for months and certainly wasn’t missed!

I cleaned, swept and purged for several hours and by the end of the day I had a clean garage! One that is sure to stay that way for ohhhh, about a week!

There’s a couple of weeks a year that my garage looks pretty good. You can probably guess when that is…

Yes, one week in the fall and one week in the spring.

The times when I make the switch between seasons with all of our stuff!

So I am going to enjoy the next few days of a clean, somewhat oraganized garage, while counting down the days until I do my next clean-up sometime next spring!

The nice weather gave me the chance to mow the lawn one last time. One last time to bag the few remaining leaves that waited until the last minute to drop on my lawn. From here on, any leaf that decides to land in my yard will either get blown to a neighbor’s yard or spend the winter burried under a couple of feet of snow in mine!

After the mower was successfully drained of any remaining gasoline, I washed it off and made the sad, but necessary switch of storage positions in my garage of it and the snow blower!

I also made sure to turn off the water supply to our outside faucets, another item on my “to do” list.

Making the mistake of leaving the outside water on is one you’ll probably only make once, since frozen water pipes are not pleasant to deal with!

Ice House Update…

My son and friends put the finishing touches on their shack. A couple coats of paint were applied to the exterior and everything now seems ready to go.

Waiting & waiting for ice!

So with work complete, it was time to relax and enjoy one last barbeque when a shovel wasn’t needed to get to the grill! The steaks tasted particularly good following an afternoon of hard labor!

And to top that off, we got an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night! Next to Christmas Eve, it is probably my kids favorite night of the year!

Mine too!