Monday Morning Dad

A very snowy Monday morning in the Twin Cities! We had about three inches overnight and more is on the way today and tonight! One of those days that makes you feel glad you’re a SAHD and you don’t have to mess with a nasty commute. My wife and son both left the house early this morning to ensure they arrive to work and school on time. I’ve cleared our driveway already , but it was just to help keep it from getting too deep, my oldest son is in charge of snow removal when he gets home later today!

Another busy weekend for our family. Our oldest son had a basketball game on Friday night, as well as yesterday afternoon. He also managed to get up early on Saturday and head to a nearby lake for some ice fishing with some friends. Our other son participated in a Boy Scout service project on Saturday morning and was home by noon. On Saturday evening, my wife and I went to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres and saw “Footloose, The Musical”. I had given her the tickets as a birthday gift and we enjoyed the show and the night out!

Sunday night we watched the Super Bowl and I was happy to see the Saints win one for the city of New Orleans. It was an entertaining game to watch, not sure if “The Who” was the best choice for the halftime show. They were certainly showing their age, especially in high-def TV! I also didn’t think their performance lived up the hype.

Overall, I thought the Super Bowl ads were rather boring, but there were a few that I thought were quite good.

Here are “Top Three”…

1. The Betty White/ Abe Vigoda spot for Snickers. It was already good with just Betty, but to put good ‘ol Abe in at the end made it even better!

2. David Letterman, Jay Leno & Oprah. It was totally unexpected and very funny. Hats off to Leno for agreeing to do it.

3. The “E-Trade” talking babies. Always well done and to introduce the “other woman” baby, who was accused of a being a “milkaholic” hit it out of the park in my book!


  1. Sister Lisa says:

    I am completely with you on the talking babies!! Very funny!!