About Dad’s Day

Here is all of the information you need to know ( or were wondering about ) to get started reading and enjoying Dad’s Day.  On this page you will find the background story of the strip as well as a little bio of the cast and the cartoonist.  You can click on the links at the bottom of the page and get started anytime! 

A Little Background…

Dad’s Day is a comic strip about the daily life of a stay-at-home dad, drawn by a stay-at-home dad.  It takes a humorous look at the life of a not-so-typical family, where the mom is the breadwinner and the dad is responsible for running the household.  Good days, bad days, always funny days!

The Cast


Husband, father of three and reluctant caretaker of an often sarcastic pet. Was thrust into his role as a “stay-at-home” dad following a sudden and unexpected job layoff. He is learning about running a household and caring for children as he goes, which often leads to unintended mishaps!  He is “on call” 24/7, family social director, chef, tutor, taxi-driver, first responder, laundry operator, and “not in it” for the pay!  He dislikes the title, “Mr. Mom” and prefers to be called, “Director of Household Operations”.


Working mother and breadwinner of the family.  Employed by a large corporation and considered a “rising star” by her peers.  She was able to conduct a work teleconference shortly before giving birth to their third child!  Despite her demanding schedule, she still finds time to be a good mom. She does sometimes wonder if it was a wise decision to leave her children under Dave’s supervision!



Oldest of the Wilson children.  Has a busy schedule with school, sports and other activities.  Like most his age, he is eager to get behind the wheel of a car, but until then, still needs dad’s taxi service!  Likes to spend his free time on social websites, but regrets showing his dad how to use them!



The middle child, who isn’t afraid to offer her opinion and give feedback about her father’s parenting skills.  She is very confident and is usually there to back-up her father when things go wrong!



Having him means there are plenty of diapers to be changed and challenges to be faced raising a small baby!



The Wilson family pet and main antagonist of Dave.  He “communicates” only with Dave and he voices his opinion and displeasure often!


The Cartoonist

I was born and raised in Iowa.  After graduating from high school in 1981, I attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.  I received a BA in Marketing from UNI in 1985.

Following a career as a sales representative and marriage to my wife, Connie, I had the opportunity to become a “stay-at-home” dad.  My wife had received a promotion at her company and with it, relocation to the Los Angeles area.  We were expecting our first child and after exploring the job market, we talked about the idea of ME becoming a stay-at-home parent after our child arrived.  After much discussion and I might add, a few nightmares of being buried under a massive pile of diapers, I agreed to become a full-time dad!  What was supposed to be a short-term arrangement quickly grew into something more permanent with us living in L.A. longer than we had anticipated and more importantly, as our family grew!  We have since added two more kids to the clan, and we now have three beautiful children under my direct supervision!  We relocated back to the Minneapolis area about ten years ago, mainly, I believe, so I can add snow removal to my endless list of duties!  It has been an amazing experience, there have been good days and some not-so-good days, but overall, I wouldn’t change a thing, okay, eliminate having to be seen driving a mini-van, but other than that, it’s all good!  It has also given me another opportunity to use my talents as a cartoonist.  I have always loved to draw cartoons and I enjoy making people laugh.  I have been drawing cartoons for as long as I can remember and probably too much during some boring college lectures (sorry UNI).  I have drawn cartoons for family and friends, as well as some corporate clients.  My daily life and the experiences I have had as a “full-time” dad have been the inspiration for “Dad’s Day”.

As for the strip itself, I keep a notebook to write down ideas and I write and edit the text on my computer. I lay the text out in pencil and then draw the characters in pencil on 13″ x 4″ Strathmore Bristol.  I ink it using Penstix pens and then I scan it and use Adobe Photoshop to get it ready for the web. 


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